Review:Collared by Nicole Williams

March 20, 2016



What drew me to this story was the all around mystery and that heart stopping fear that you feel when you think about the probable "What ifs".I think this story  brought awareness and made you THINK. I love when an author can make you look at certain things from a different perspective and take you out of your comfort zone. This was a very well written story but I failed to connect with these characters in numerous situations and it left me wondering about everything.

Jade Childs is a Seventeen year old Junior in high school. She's a great student,loving daughter and has a gorgeous loving boyfriend. Life can't possible get any better and she's looking forward to making a future with her all time love.What happens when that happily ever after becomes shattered beyond repair and all you have now is just a memory?

" He's not supposed to be the one.....but he's always been THE ONE".

Kidnapped just steps from her home,was Jade's reality. Wanting to go back to those last five minutes was her wish. And praying for a miracle to happen right then and there was sadly just left with silence.Ten years go by and she's finally found but is she the same person that she was all those years ago? Did the boy she left behind who now is a man, still loves her? How can can she present herself back to the real world when she doesn't know what to do.

"In a way, what we love makes us better people,  more intuitive and less impulsive. In another way, it makes us worse.  It turns us into an immoral,  corrupt being that knows no bounds when it comes to protecting the people we love".

I enjoyed the first half of this story but sadly the other just didn't work for me. I wanted MORE to happen with these characters and I didn't get that. I also never felt the connection between Jade and Torrin. I know they knew each other for a long time and their friendship grew to love but I still felt like they were just friends. I just expected more with them and even though they had a major obstacle in front of them, I still think it could've been more.

If you're looking for something very different, then this story is for you.


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