Cleat Chaser by Celia Aaron & Sloane Howell

March 10, 2016

Cleat Chaser
 4.0 Rookie Love and Career Mistakes STARS!!!

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?” -Billy Beane

Way to a straightforward, fun, easy and fast paced read packed with amusing and adorable characters and sizzling hot scenes that will surely make your knickers wet.

Damn this book because, wow and wow I surely enjoyed reading it. That feel of pull at just the first few pages is just so strong that I could not put it down because I wanted to know what will happen next. It may not be like those suspenseful stories that will keep you in the edge but still this story will keep you invested.

Kyrie and Easton's story is one hell of a fun read. Kyrie from hating players especially baseball players after a bad split from her fiancee to falling in love to a baseball player who doesn't do more than fling.

"Even though I hated baseball. Even though I hated players even more. And now Nikki wasn’t the only one drooling over a guy in baseball pants. Easton was magnetic, his intensity making it impossible for me to look anywhere else."

So yes! it's some kinda if a sports romance thing but hell!!! It was so fun and good to read. The author make it a way to deliver a story that will not keep you bored because of the usual "sports thing". I love how it was written. Not so much drama was involved and it was lighthearted.

“They’re here. Look.” I gestured toward them. “And I just went from six to midnight under this table.”
I was swooning...then laughing out loud...aroused..laughing again and then was fall in love. I appreciate the author for making this story refreshing. The words used was a hella unique in a way. The characters are easy to fall in love with. Their banters are crazy and somewhat jaw dropping to funny that will make you smiling ang loling all by yourself.

“Fingers go in knuckle deep, ready that pussy for a feast. Grip them up and swirl the spot, thumb that clitty ‘til it’s nice and hot. Flick the tongue and watch her squirm, give the thumb another turn. Slip the pinky in the bum, watch her scream your name and come.”

What's even more likable about it, is the transition and the growth of both the lead characters. However, it was a bit hanging for me. More on I don't want it to end yet or better have another installment of the story.

"And then I made a mistake. A big one. I hurt the man I love. But the thing is, when you hurt someone you love, you feel the sting, too. I made a love mistake. One that I’m not sure I can remedy. But I have learned something from it, something that I hope to share with you, dear reader. When you’ve ended the chapter on a toxic past relationship, go ahead and close the book, put it on the top shelf, and never open it again."

But overall, really this book is good and worthy to read. The collaboration of these two authors is worth stalking.

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