Elastic Hearts (Hearts #3) by Claire Contreras

March 17, 2016

Elastic Hearts (Hearts, #3)


“There is no us, Nicole . There never was. We were friends, we had sex, but that was it. I thought that was clear.”
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I've been patiently/impatiently waiting for this and seriously Claire Contreras does not disappoint. It's sexy and lighthearted and damn romantic I'm dreamy right now. It may not have the same degree of angst and drama from the two previous books but I'm telling you it has overflowing emotions and sexual tension that will make you invested the moment you started reading until the end consuming your heart..your mind..and your knickers.

From Kaleidoscope hearts, I am very intrigue to Victor's character. He's just there. The protective brother and friend. Unlike his two bestfriends, he's one of a hell agressive and some kinda alpha.There's someting in him too that'll make you look forward to read his share of the story and boy how glad I am that finally I get to read his shots.

"Vic was too driven. Too much of a rule follower, and deep down I’d known he hadn’t wanted more. I’d known he’d just wanted to have fun with me. He didn’t want to settle down until he’d built his empire over the lies he construed in order to win cases. Just like my father."
"I was living with last year’s Sexiest Man of the Year, yet there I was, feeling things I hadn’t felt in over a year. For Victor Reuben, of all people. I was so screwed."
Nicole on the other hand, is a heroine that's easy to love. Not your damsel in distress type of woman much more like a temptress. You may see her as strong and sassy and a little vixen that is but Claire blended some vulnerability in her side that makes her more adorable.
"I’d promised myself I wouldn’t get involved with her then, but from one second to another, Nicole’s tanned legs were spread open in front of me on this very desk, and I became addicted to the way she threw her head back and said my name with that slight Spanish accent regardless of what I did to her body. I swallowed, cleared my throat, and took a deep breath."
Oh WOW!!! *Fanning...
“I’m going to make you come again. And again. And again,”he said as he pulled my hair harder, until my ear was by his mouth. “You’re never going to be able to forget who makes you feel like this.”
That sexual tension I was talking to??There's just plenty that made this book edgier and that really got me. I will not get bored of saying I love it because seriously this is Perfect! Everything was just delivered well and was written incredibly. I was there sitting and highlighting quotes and from time to time I just went to swooning, laughing, gasping and was looking forward to the next scene not knowing what to do or feel. The plot was just amazing. Their relationship from hook up way back to attorney-client and their banters were just hilarious.I love that there was no insta love thing going on. The characters maturity also was just good and the story doesn't just focus on them which is really a plus and another bonus was that we get a glimpsed on the rest of the gang. Did I mention I love the characters???Damn right! From book 1 up to this book, I am so in love with her characters.The way she described them where just vivid that you may think you're with them even if you were just there reading the book.
And that Iceland vacation???Now I'm jealous...Jon Snow in the book!!!Hoot!!!!

Overall really this book is great. Claire Contreras has a way of delivering a lighthearted and romantic story where you're eager to know what will happen next yet you don't want it to end. The way it was conveyed was just perfect and we get to see different sides of the characters that will make it more realistic. And oh boy, her words and lines were worth highlighting...devouring...and seriously swoon worthy. In fact these lines below were the one's I actually wrote in my journal because damn I feel every emotion.

“I’m not this,”he said. “I don’t stretch. I don’t mold. I don’t conform, and despite what people say about my career, I’m not a liar. So when I tell you I’m in love with you, Nicole, it’s because I’m in fucking love with you. And when I barge into your dad’s office to tell him that I’m more in love with his daughter than I’ll ever be with my career, it’s a big fucking deal.”
...there's more...
“My goals were always career-driven, and when I attained those, I realized my goals had changed a little and that somewhere along the way you became my goal. I’m in love with you. I’ve achieved a lot in my thirty-one years, and I’m proud of those accomplishments, but none of them make me feel the way you do. When we go back home, my next goal will be to get you to move in with me, and later on down the line it’ll be to get you to agree to marry me, because I love you and I never want to be without you.”
Ms. Claire Contreras you're amazing. This books of yours is so addicting! Great job wonderful woman!Looking forward to more of your upcoming releases. I'm so excited to read what's in store for us next.

Claire ContrerasClaire doesn't like to talk about herself. Because of this, she asked a friend of hers to write her bio. This is what she got:

Claire is caring, smart, witty, and funny as heck. Despite being a New York Times Best Selling Author of a popular contemporary romance series, Claire doesn't read many romance novels. However, when she sits down to write, those are the ones that pour from her fingers. Much to her displeasure, we like to say she's a romantic at heart. 

She is a breast cancer survivor who lives in Miami with her good looking husband, two adorable boys, three bulldogs, and two stray cats that she refuses to admit are hers (even though they live on her porch and she continues to feed them). When she's not writing, she's always lost in a book (the more suspenseful, the better). 

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