Before Hadley by J. Nathan REVIEW

March 14, 2016

Before HadleyBefore Hadley by J. Nathan
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Too bad I didn’t do relationships. What sensible eighteen-year-old guy did? Especially when he switched area codes like he did boxers.

Oh damn! This book is soooo good! Jen Nathan just delivered a fast paced and enjoyable read about friendship... acceptance...forgiveness...finding second chances.

Before Hadley follows the story of Caynan...a cocky new guy with an accent and can mash a baseball like no one's business.

"He was the type of guy my father warned me about. The type who drew too much attention. The type who caused girls to become irrational. The type who became bored easily."

and Hadley....a daughter of a artist...

We were from completely different worlds. My life was one big lie. Hers held so many possibilities. My future would take me to another rich town. Hers would take her off to college then a career in art.

Hooooot!!! I so love this book!! The emotions that this story took me is so raw that I have loved it the moment I started reading it and I can't even put it down. What caught my attention first actually is that "Oh so damn hot cover". I mean it's one way of grabbing attention to readers and boy did mine was grabbed. I was even surprised when I finally read the first few pages because damn I was invested. I enjoyed reading it. The plot is just sooo good and worth the read. I was enthralled because it is not your usual teenage reads with a cocky arrogant athlete and a damsel in distress with love triangle and too much drama because seriously it's way more than that.

Secrets never remains secrets for long...

As the story progresses I was brought to a journey of a different roller coaster ride of emotions. From those hilarious moments...friendship blossoming to deep the heart ripping scenes...ahhhh... I do not know what to say. In fact I may have shed a tear or two because I feel deeply to the emotions that was conveyed with this story. It was not sugar was so was everything.

“Just because I made mistakes in the past, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a future with someone who wants me for me. I deserve to be wanted, too.” He shrugged, brushing unexpectedly against me as he did. “Maybe this is what was supposed to happen. Maybe I needed you to teach me that lesson.”

Honestly, I was afraid they wont end up with each other considering the turn of events but I was so glad that despite secrets...despite what went through...happily ever after exist for the two of them.

“You silly girl. You. You’re my dream.”

Highly recommended!!!

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