Sweet Temptation (Men of Honor #2) by K.C Lynn

March 7, 2016


“Because you’re as cute as a cupcake, you smell as sweet as a cupcake,” his tone drops and turns husky, “and I’ll just bet you fucking taste as good as one too.” 

Oh My Gawd!!! This book!! The feels!! Ahhhh.. just fucking hilarious!!! The emotion is all over!!!You know that moment when you love the book so much and all you can do is highlight almost every line in the book and after you finished reading you stare blankly because Hoooottt!!! no words can best describe it to give the justice it deserves and you just seriously can't get enough that you'll probably just imagine how it is to lock up K.C Lynn so you can crawl in her mind??? because damn!! She's a genius with her works!!! Her words captivated my heart and mind that even if I kept re-reading it I wont mind because it's really that good.

You know, I read this a year ago and I wanted to read it again because until now this story held a special place in my heart. Don't get me wrong, every book in this series is so special to me because this evokes an emotion I never thought I have especially Grace and Sawyer's. From the very first moment until to the last part, I devour every bits of pieces and to tell you honestly I have nothing to say except that I love it to pieces!!! Everything is written flawlessly. I was never bored reading the book because it got you hooked with the story line. Those sexy scenes!!! Holy guacamole!! Hot!!!so damn hot!! and there were plenty of them but mind you it wasn't that graphical in a way that will keep you bored and skip the pages but worth reading and worth devouring!!!

K.C Lynn delivered a worthy to read book with a plot that will take you to a journey worth remembering. The journey of friendship and love.It's filled with so much emotions. Mind you I never really expect to cry so hard for this book, but hell!! It got me!! From crying to laughing out loud.Seriously???This book is one of a kind!

Below are the lines I so dearly love,

“Always so fucking wet for me,” he groans, then inserts his finger deep inside of me, “I hope you’re ready, baby, because tonight, Grace, I am going to kiss, taste and fuck every inch of your sweet body. I’m going to bring you so much fucking pleasure your voice will go hoarse from screaming with it.” Oh god! I already feel like screamin’.” 

“If the bad starts to outweigh the good, baby girl, then focus only on the good, because when you’re thankful for the good, you’ll end up havin’ more of it.”

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