Redemptive (Combative #2) by Jay McLean REVIEW

March 6, 2016

Redemptive (Combative, #2)Redemptive by Jay McLean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


"IT’S SAID THAT your life flashes before your eyes when you die. It must only happen to those whose lives were worthy. Clearly, mine was not."

It's really not often when I'm at lost for words after I read a book. Those lingering thoughts that somehow became a part of you because you aren't done with it yet or just simply because it's more than good that even if you kept on re-reading it, you really just can't get enough.

Redemptive is that kind of book to me. After reading Combative and was thrown with that huge cliffhanger I was so eager to read the next installment. I was so intrigued that I readily jumped reading it and seriously it's more than what I expect. In fact, I never saw it coming. I thought because it was the second book, my questions will be answered...I thought I know it all...but damn! I was sooooo wrong. I was still kept in the dark and was like "whoa!this series keeps getting better and better" and I'm more than intrigued.

Jay McLean just delivered a fast paced...gut wrenching...suspenseful and intense story worthy to read..worthy to keep awake in the wee hours because when you keep your hands on it you'll be invested and you'll gonna hesitate to put it down. The plot was more than just amazing. It was written flawlessly and up to this time I was still in awe. The feels reading this is unexplainable. What Combative lacks that readers wanted, this book has it. That undeniable chemistry and connection between the characters...that more vivid description...that more intense scenes...and oh for the love of all holy....that scenes with Bailey and Nate de Luca...whoaah... I was like, Ky who???

"Bailey had become my drug. My addiction. My escape. My salvation. My curious fascination turned obsessive infatuation."

Holy shit! It's more than just a twist and turn of the story and I wanted more. That ending had me wanting to strangle someone because I don't want it to end and I was so desperate.

Overall, this story is highly recommended and to understand fully the events Combative must be read first. Trust me, Jay McLean will give you another beautiful ride that will keep you wanting for more.

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