Never Stop Falling by Ashley Drew

March 1, 2016

Never Stop Falling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


She didn't expect to fall for her best friend.
He was always waiting to catch her.

Ashley Drews delivers a beautiful tale of friendship..forgiveness..acceptance...growth and love to this fast paced, easy but an enjoyable read that will take you a to an emotional roller coaster ride of emotions.

I really love this book. There I said it. From the moment I started reading this one until to the very end. I like how it was friends who practically grew up together...their weekend sleep overs...their adventures..their in sync mind even at very ridiculous conversations....ahhh... everything was just sooo damn cute that you wanted to go back when you were little and have your own best friend too like them who were always "attached to the hip". But then like all love stories of friendship there is, there's this undeniable chemistry more than friendship that blossomed.

Guys and sweat don't always agree with each other, but Nick? I agree to disagree; sweat definitely agrees with him. I watch the sweat as it plunges down over his defined chest....
Aaannnnd I'm staring. Why the heck am I staring?

When finally they started to explore the growing feelings towards each other...crossing the line came a shocking revelation that changed their 18 years of friendship...exposing Corinne's vulnerabilities..shattering her beliefs about love and bringing her fears. The fears that abandoned their friendship....he fears that changed everything. Changed both of them but never the love for each other.

Overall, this story is really good except those few pages that may be a bit lagged. I love how the characters were portrayed and I love how the story doesn't just focus on a best-friend to love scenes but the touches other issues that brought more edge to the story. However though, there were cases I really wanted to slap and punch some sense to Corinne but nevertheless I love how their growth not just for Corinne but for Nick as well blossomed as the story progresses. The forgiveness and acceptance as well as the conquering of fears was delivered pretty well. What I wont forget about this story aside are the words of wisdom old Norman said...

"Love is beautiful and strange; it can make heart complete and whole and yet, it's also capable of smashin' it into million pieces. Trust me I've seen both sides of it. So whatever is goin' on in that head of yours, Nicky boy, the ugly side is unavoidable. Someone will get hurt. Ain't nothin' you can do about it. But I'll tell ya, once you're out of the ugly stuff, it's so damn beautiful."

"Don't take the easy road because we often end up where we were never meant to go."

For a debut novel, this is just pretty good and I love it.

Ashley Drew

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A San Francisco Bay Area native, Ashley Drew currently lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not going cross-eyed after writing for five hours straight, or burying her nose in a book, you’ll find her sprawled on her couch watching General Hospital, having alien conspiracy discussions with her husband over a bottle of bubbly, and dancing to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album with her daughter.

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