Hunter by Blaire Drake

March 28, 2016



Born into blood, I was a mafia princess. Raised in hiding, I was a Californian sweetheart.

The day my father sold my thirteen year old body to pay off a five year old debt was the day my mother stole me in the dead of night. She protected me as she was supposed to.

My father may have been the king, but my mother was the queen.

The mafia blood was hers.

That was ten years ago. Now… the devil was on the loose.

Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso was my father’s right hand man and the boy I’d loved since I could tie my own shoelaces. He was always the most ruthless and the most deadly of all the children.

He’d thought I was dead until the day his assignment was given: Kill Adriana and Alexandria Romano. Kill the princess, and definitely kill the queen.

What he didn’t know was that the queen was dead, and the princess had taken her throne.

Blood didn’t lie. It smeared, distorted, stained. But it didn’t lie.

My father was going to learn the hard way that the empire he’d stolen belonged to me.

And so did Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso.

4.0 Princepessa & Cacciatore STARS!!!
"What was life, really? It sure as hell wasn't a mixture of love and honesty. It was closer to a clusterfuck of bullshit and lies.
Hunter is my first Blaire Drake book and I would say, the author managed to deliver a good story with a good plot. This action filled drama of a mafia princess and her hunter is worth devouring.More than the panty wetting scenes and a damn hot lead that will make your panties melt, this story is raw,intense, heart gripping and just good that will make you captivated from the start 'til the end.
"My name, Adriana, was dark. My nickname, scuro, was dark. 

   My life, a mafia princess, was dark. 
  My father had no idea what he’d done. 
 One day, he would pay. 
 He would atone for his sins.
I would make sure of it.
What will you do if you're a mafia princess and your bestfriend whom you love since you were young was sent to kill you?That same bestfriend whom you thought you'll marry someday?The bestfriend who promised to protect you?Much worse what if both of you have goals to pursue,what would likely to prevail?
Sneaking away from California and across the country. Into New York. Find the Hamptons house my father was happily living in... the one that belonged to me... And kill him.
Rage. It was everything. I was trained to be unfeeling. To be permanently numb. There was no emotion in my job. I was an assassin. Silent. Deadly.
Me or him? My life, or his? What did he value more? I don't know that either.
Holeeee shit!!!I honestly love this book. I'm a sucker for Mafia story and sure this one does not diasppoint. I love the portrayal of the characters and to be honest it was written flawlessly. Reading this made me on the edge and that adrenaline rush?wow!!I was just there reading planning to read just a chapter or two but I really can't put it down. The story as it progresses became more suspenseful. I like how the author make it's pacing not too fast nor too slow..just balanced. The writings too are full of emotion and was very descriptive. The characters are worth digging,not just the lead but the secondary ones too. 

And did I say Hunter is hot???uh..uh..not just him but the scenes!!!wow!!!this author surely knows how to play a roller coaster ride of emotions. I will not talk much...You have to read this to know what I'm talking about, but just a glimpse though because I'm a tease like that ;)
You still have time to make me stop. I meant it, Addy.” Two of his fingers trailed up the inside of my thigh, coming dangerously close to my wet pussy. “I don't want to ruin you. I don't play nice, but the second my mouth is on your cunt, I won't be fucking playing at all.”
Overall, I love this book and I'm so glad I was given an ARC. The experience that I went through with this is just awesome. Good job to the author!!If this is not a series yet??Please make it one since I wanted to know more about Gaige and Angelo. 
Death? No. I didn't fear death. A part of me welcomed it. Welcomed the silence, the peace, the black abyss. I figured that when it came, I'd be Alice jumping down the rabbit hole, except there would be no Wonderland, only numbness.

Blaire Drake is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author who wanted to let her sexier side out. You can find her hiding behind a cocktail glass while she writes wearing a balaclava so nobody works out her real name.

Connect with Blaire online at:
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