Michelle Dare INTERVIEW

February 20, 2016


-What's the last book you read?
House of Pawns by Keary Taylor

-Who's your celebrity crush?
I can't pick one, so I'm going to name four lol. Adam Levine, Josh Holloway, Jeremy Renner, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

-If you were an alcoholic beverage, which one would you be?
I don't drink so I suck at answering this one lol.

-Which couple is your OTP?
So many! Right now it's Ali and Lucas from the book I'm writing, The Azure Kingdom. 


-What inspired you to start writing?
I've wanted to write for a long time, but I started with an idea I had and ran with it. I started writing and haven't stopped since.

-What's your favorite genre to write and/or read?
I love to write them all lol. I write NA, erotica, contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy. All romance. And to read would have to be YA fantasy or paranormal romance.

-Do you plan or go with the flow when it comes to writing?
I can't plot. I shoot from the hip when I write. The story is always changing and I roll with it.

-Tease us! What are you currently working on? What can readers expect from your next book and/or future works?
 I'm currently working on two books. The Azure Kingdom which is a fantasy romance about a woman who goes to a realm and meets a prince. I'm also working on book two in my Salvation series. It's about Ethan and Piper. He's a broken man who is trying to put his life back together after a rough past. Piper is just the person to help him feel whole again.


-We love stalking authors! Where can readers find you? (Links, social media, future signings)

Newsletter Sign-Up: http://eepurl.com/bt14zX 

I'm going to be at Wild and Windy in the City in Chicago in May and am so excited. It's my first signing.

Michelle Dare is a Jersey girl living over the border in Pennsylvania.  She started out as a reader, then became a book blogger.  She loves the book community and thought she’d try her hand at writing.  She writes romance.
She is a married mom with two wonderful children and a German Shepherd that she considers her third child.  She is a lover of books, music, and movies.  Her favorite band is Maroon 5 and has too many favorite movies to list.  Paranormal romance is her favorite genre to read.

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