New Release Review: Nectar of the Wicked by Ella Fields

July 19, 2023

Nectar of the Wicked, an all-new enemies to lovers, dark fantasy romance from Ella Fields, is LIVE and available to read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! ✨ 


There is no escaping the middle lands, the gloomy buffer between the human kingdom and the faerie realms. When my guardian is killed by the Wild Hunt after waiting twenty years to trade me for her human daughter, I’m left with no choice but to try.

To find those who discarded me at birth, I must sneak into Faerie. 

But my deceased guardian left more than scars upon my heart. Debts are owed to the madam at the Lair of Lust, and I’m forced to repay them. 

My first client is a faerie king who offers to give me everything I’ve always wanted. The king will take me to Faerie if I make a blood vow to marry him. A collection of sweltering meetings fool me into believing his reasons for choosing me to be his queen—a changeling without so much as a name. 

For upon my arrival in his kingdom, I receive the answers I’ve craved and the truth behind his motives. 

My wonder and infatuation for the king and his wintry realm are snuffed by hatred and fear. Though loathing him is futile when venomous words and spiteful games only prove to excite him. Once again, I’m trapped. This time, with an enemy I cannot hide from. One with enough heat in his eyes to melt my resolve, and enough power at his frosted fingertips to accomplish his sinister goals. 

To survive all I’ve discovered, not only will I need to unearth King Florian’s dead heart—I will need to guard my own before he tricks it, too.

*Please check for Trigger Warnings.*

Nectar of the Wicked is book 1 in the Deadly Divine duet set in a brand new fantasy world by Ella Fields. This book completely captivated me from the beginning and never let go. My heart started breaking for the heroine almost immediately, but it was shattered and crushed to dust by the end. There is no way you can come out of this book not feeling something, unless of course, you have a hole in your chest where a beating organ should reside. Flea is a changeling raised by a human woman that resents and abuses her in the middle lands, a land between the human kingdom and faerie realms. When her guardian is unexpectedly killed, Flea is forced to work in a pleasure house to pay off her parental figure's debts. Her life is changed forever when her first client offers her everything she's ever wanted in exchange for marriage. Fuck me! I need more of these characters asap! I got utterly swept up in Florian and Flea's story. It's complicated, intriguing, and full of secrets, lies, violence, and betrayal. Florian is a morally gray hero that I couldn't help but fall in love with. I adored every second of the interactions between him and his butterfly, and I can't wait to see what's in store for them in the next installment! Fantasy romance fans, this one's for you!

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About Ella Fields

Ella Fields is a mother and wife who lives in Australia.  

While her kids are in school, you might find her talking about her characters to her cat, Bert, and dog, Grub.  

She’s a notorious chocolate and notebook hoarder who enjoys creating hard-won happily ever afters.

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  1. I've never read from this author and with you telling me this is single pov, I'm hesitant. But I can't resist your review, so I've added it. Fingers crossed that I can look past the singular voice and find the same magic you did. Excellent review xoxo

    1. I hope you can, babe! Thank you so much! ❤️