Release Blitz with Review: The Flame King's Captive by Chloe Chastaine

July 12, 2023


Title: The Flame King's Captive
A Fated Mates Fantasy Romance
Trilogy: Fire and Desire #1
Author: Lilith Vincent writing as
Chloe Chastaine
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Tropes: Non-shifter Omegaverse/Fated Mates
Release Date: July 12, 2023


He snatched me from the jaws of death for one reason—to be his.

I was a dead king’s sacrificial bride, until his murderer claimed me as his. Zabriel invaded my country of Maledin on the back of a monstrous, fire-breathing dragon and took me prisoner.

The lethal Zabriel towers over me in steel plate armor, and he could easily crush the life out of me—but the Flame King isn’t interested in harming me. Instead, he destroys everyone who has hurt me in a storm of fire and vengeance.

There’s malignant rot deep within my country. My family has vanished along with whole villages of people. As I desperately try to find those who are missing, my body and heart awaken under a powerful and alarming force.

Zabriel sets my soul ablaze every time he growls, “Mine.” He calls me Omega. The rarest. The most vulnerable. The one he craves to possess and protect.

When evil forces in Maledin threaten everyone I know and love, there’s only one person who is strong enough to help me defeat them, and the only place where I’m safe from an ancient foe is in the arms of the Flame King.

Author’s note: The Flame King’s Captive is a slow-burn non-shifter MF omegaverse romance set in a fantasy world of magic and dragonriders. Zabriel is a jealous and possessive Alpha, and Isavelle is a sweet but strong virgin Omega heroine. This is the first book in the Fire and Desire trilogy. It contains steamy content that increases with each subsequent book and ends on a cliffhanger.

I've been looking everywhere for a mf omegaverse romance, so when I found out Lilith Vincent was releasing one under Chloe Chastaine, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I'm still relatively new to this particular subgenre, and if you haven't experienced it yet yourself, I think The Flame King's Captive is the perfect book to get your feet wet. The heroine, Isavelle, doesn't know anything about alphas, betas, or omegas, so readers have the opportunity to learn everything right alongside her. 

In addition, the hero, Zabriel, isn't a complete caveman alpha. He's patient and respectful of Isavelle while she comes to terms with being an Omega, his mate, and all that entails, and he works hard to earn her trust instead of just expecting it outright. Don't get me wrong, he's still dominant, protective, possessive, and wants to put a baby in her asap, but he's gentle with Isavelle, because he knows it's what she needs.  

While many stories featuring fated mates can be instalove and fast to heat up, Isavelle and Zabriel's romance is a slow build, but it's absolutely worth it. The sexual tension between them is always through the roof. Their slow burn allows their relationship to develop over time into something deeper than just a predisposition to want to fuck each other's brains out and think the sun shines out of their mate's ass because of their special connection. Because of Zabriel, Isavelle is treated with respect, love, and kindness for the first time in years, and she sees how Zabriel fights his own instincts and ignores his own wants and needs to do what makes her feel the most comfortable, safe, happy, and in control. Zabriel's love for and commitment to Isavelle, as well as his obsession and appreciation for her body never fails to melt her heart along with her panties, and it had a similiar affect on me, too. 

The Flame King's Captive is everything I hoped it would be, a fantasy romance with fated mates, omegaverse designations and relationship dynamics, and all the praise and breeding kink that goes along with it. To top it all off, there's also motherfucking dragons! I'm a dragon lover in general, but having read Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros recently, I'm seriously in the mood for the fire-breathing beasts, so they were definitely a highlight of the book for me. 

Overall, the author did an amazing job with Zabriel and Isavelle's story. The plot is intriguing and well paced. The characters and the dragons are incredible, and the romance is sweet and hot. I enjoyed the hell out of every minute of this book, and I can't wait for more! Fingers crossed the next installment comes soon, so I'm not in misery too long.

Fantasy romance and omegaverse romance fans, this one's for you! 



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Chloe Chastaine is the fantasy loving alter ego of Lilith Vincent and author of lush novels with OTT obsessed heroes and the strong but sweet heroines who bring them to their knees.



  1. You know I'm gonna have to read this, right?! Thanks for the book rec and excellent review, Jess! xoox

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie! 💋 Yay! I hope you like it! ❤️