All of You (All of Me, #2) by Gina Sorelle REVIEW

February 22, 2016

All of You (All of Me, #2)All of You by Gina Sorelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars

“I will never be at anyone’s mercy again. Not physically. Not financially. And not emotionally. Not ever again.”

I didn't hate the first book in this series, but I definitely didn't love it. You see, I didn't even like Danny that much in that book either... but he completely became book boyfriend- HELL, BOOK HUSBAND in this one. I understood him, and my heart hurt for him and what he had to dealt with earlier in life. I was heart-broken because he's such a good guy but nobody believes in him at the beginning of the story!

“You aren’t lost anymore, Danny, because your home is with me.”
“It was always with you, Kat. Even before I met you.”

This one is a 'WILL RE-READ SOON' kind of book. I found it incredible that this book managed to deal with heavy issues in such a way that they weren't brushed off but still they didn't feel so depressing I couldn't enjoy the story. It most certainly brought me to tears quite a few times and it stayed on my mind long after I had finished reading it.
Kat... she was such an idiot for a huge part of the book BUT SHE WAS SO DAMN ADORABLE. She had so much love to give and she just wouldn't let herself be happy! Damn woman I wish she was real so I could hug her.

Actually, I took away a half star because sometimes I got bored during the sex scenes and started skimming. Since it was a HUGE book, I didn't think ALL those sex scenes where necessary. The plot was strong and it kept me so intrigued I didn't care about their sex life as much as what was going to happen next.
There were also parts that were a little predictable, but I'm not one of those picky readers that want to be surprised at every corner. The book was well-written and the plot line was solid enough that I wasn't bugged by it, but I would warn you to stay away from this one if that was a pet peeve of yours.

To sum it up, this book was emotional and steamy, with very lovable main characters. Can't wait to see which character gets their story next! *squee* I think it will be Fi's

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