New Release: Playing for Keeps by MeganFields

February 13, 2016

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"Submission is a state of mind"
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Playing for Keeps by #MeganFields
Stand-alone novel, part of the Discovery series
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Lottie has lusted after Alex since the day she met him, all those years ago in his own back garden. Years apart have not diminished her feelings for him and no other man has ever lived up to the boy she's never kissed.
Now he's back and no longer a boy, but a sexy as hell Dominant. Will Lottie risk her heart for love after it's been left heart broken by men and shattered by the loss of her parents?
"I've never craved dominance or submission, but I have hungered for Alex." ~ Lottie
Alex has women falling at his feet, begging to be taken. It's exactly where he wants them, but for the one woman he wants he'd happily be the one on his knees.
Now he has a chance to make his teenage crush his, but it won't be easy; nothing worth having is. He has to break down the walls she's placed around her heart and prove she's the one.
"Lottie is mine, she'll always be mine. Now to show her what true love is." ~ Alex
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