January 6, 2016

1)Most influential book you've ever read?I can’t think of one in-particular
2)How would you describe yourself?Quite. Creative. Loaner. Organized. Planner.
3)What's your OTP?Mmm...I don’t really have one.
4)What's your favorite genre to write and/or read?I actually love writing mystery/drama/adventure. Which is what Welcome to Brokenville and I wish… fall into. To read would have to be paranormal.
5)We're super intrigued about Nothing Ever Lasts. It's on our TBR, and we know it's about a not-so-perfect husband. Could you tell us more about the story?LOL...Sure. Boyd is your typical tattoo model who has gotten a bit of a BIG head from all the attention from his fans. And then there’s Kailee who is an author who writes under a pen name and when they meet for the first time she’s talked into doing a cover shoot with him. And she intrigues Boyd more than anything. But after their one night he knows it’ll never work and pushes her away. Only to run into her a year later and once he finds out what’s happened he becomes the biggest asshole ever. The book follows their first year of marriage and how it’s not always the answer. And even if you do learn to love one another it may be too late to actually work. And throughout the book you’ll see Boyd grow out of his “I’m a model” ego and into “I’m Boyd...just a regular guy”.
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