REVIEW : A STEEL TOWN by Chloe T Barlow

January 11, 2016

A Steel Town (A Gateway to Love #3)
How do you protect the woman you love, when you fear you are the very person who could destroy her?

Claudia McCoy has been told what she can't do enough for one lifetime. After a near-fatal childhood battle with juvenile diabetes and having to accept that her dreams of serving in the military would never come true, she's thrilled to begin a life on her own terms. Yet, when she finally starts her career in the FBI, Claudia is furious that her condition and overbearing big brother, Wyatt, have both once again interfered with her ability to have the life she truly wants. Now derailed from her high-profile aspirations of a position in the FBI's D.C. headquarters, she is instead planted far away from the real action, and practically right in her brother's Pittsburgh backyard. 
Trey Adler is known for fixing things, but he's broken just as many — leaving him with regrets that never go away. He'd be the first to agree he should stay away from a nice girl like Claudia, but he can't deny his friend Jenna Sutherland's request when she asks him to use his position as a temporary FBI consultant to keep Claudia safe — especially as it's clear this little firecracker needs protecting. Far away from all the action she so craves, Claudia is more determined than ever to prove herself in her first major investigation at whatever cost — and those costs are proving to be dangerously high. 
Their battle of wills turns quickly into a powerful need for one other, making them both rethink everything they ever wanted. 
Will Trey be able to keep her alive long enough to give them an opportunity at something real together — a future that can survive the danger in their present, as well as the darkness of his past?


Ahhhhhh this book!!more than WOW!!More than GREAT!!! And if I could only rate this book more than five stars I would because really I was hooked, captivated and more than in awe as the story progresses. In all honesty, after I read Shanghai Wind, I immediately moved forward to this book because I can't wait any longer what's in the story especially knowing that finally I get to read the story of that mystery/tattooed/sexy/hot man we all know as Trey and that little but sassy woman Claudia.
Yet again, the book written by Ms. Chloe keeps getting better and better and I do not know how she does it. I devoured line after line and savored every moment. I can't even put the book down because I was eager to know what will happen next. The excitement..the fear..the anger...the fun filled romance...the heated banters..the hot steamy sex scenes..the falling in love...ahhhh I thought my heart and mind could not take all those. In fact, Out of all the books in this series so far, Steel Town is the most I had the hard time writing a review not because I don't want or like the book but because from the start to the end I loved everything in this book. The blurb of this story says it all and more. And I don't want to reveal any spoilers because this is the kind of story that  should be read blind  to get the full experience of that topsy turvey and one hell of a kind of roller coaster of emotional ride.
To Ms. Chloe, I really do not know what to say... I sooo hate you and love you for writing this book because you made me high even after several hours of reading.
Really,beautifully written is an understatement to describe your works.

A must read!




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Chloe is a contemporary romance novelist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and their sweet puppy. Chloe has always loved writing and cherishes the opportunity to craft her fictional novels and share them with the world.
When Chloe isn’t writing, she spends her time exploring Pittsburgh with her husband and friends. She also enjoys yoga, jogging, and all Pittsburgh sports. She is an avid reader and wrote her debut novel Three Rivers in her spare time. She loves to research every last detail relating to her books. For example, in an effort to bring authenticity to Three River’s treatment of grief and loss, she consulted with a psychologist and grief counselor during its preparation.

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