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January 20, 2016

Title: Restoration & Forgiveness (Renovate, #2)
Author: Mindy A. Carter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2016
When I ran back home, I wasn’t prepared for the reminders of him everywhere I turned. I certainly never expected Keegan to follow. I thought I made myself clear - we were through. I didn’t want anything to do with him. But, he inserted himself back into my life, and there was nothing I could do.
I pushed he pulled. I ran and he chased me. I cried and he wiped away the tears. He just wouldn’t give up, and the battle my head and my heart are waging, is one I don’t want to be a part of. You see my head says be strong, but my heart is saying I belong to him, and always will. What does one do when her heart can easily forgive, yet her head refuses to. Can Keegan, and I restore our fairy tale, or will our story be closed for good?
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When I first met Keegan, I didn’t understand the importance of having a best friend. I learned early on that friends come and go, but a true best friend is one who will be there for you through it all. I thought he was it; even through the hurt, he was always my best friend, and honestly, no one could ever replace him. He didn’t fill my mother’s absence as a friend, but became someone entirely different. He became my other half, the piece of me that always fit when we were together. Falling in love with him was inevitable. We were just too perfect for one another, but now I’m not sure if fate is just a jealous bitch.
I was so heartbroken after I finished reading the first book thus I readily jumped on reading the next one in the series.Restoration and Forgiveness started off where Skyscrapers and Camelot left off. In this book, you'll get to understand better how everything happened. The story behind all the secrets and "lies". I get to understand Gretchen here but then again she's still a b*tch to me and I still want to stangle her and punch her!Above all, I love the flow of the story. Keegan's persistence to win back Aimee is just so sweet and oh so damn heart melting.
Aimee, I’m never going to be done, and I’m going to prove it to you.”
The fun is still there...I just don't get to laugh with them but in all honesty I shed a tear or two. I just feel the emotion behind everything. That surprise!!!My God!!! I actually daydreamed of having one and reading this book bring back old memories. Ahh just so heartmeltingand so damn sweer. With an angst that was blended so will always keep you on the edge and keeps turning the pages because you wanted to know more. I love also the incorporation of the bestfriend and the brother here too. I'm so glad that they were still included in this book. You'll get to cry with them..laugh with them..and fall in love with them.With such an awesomeness I can't wait to read the next book!
"Sometimes, the prince rescues the princess, but sometimes the princess needs to rescue the prince. When that happens, you know that there is no force that will tear you apart, not even a fire-breathing dragon. This is our happy ever after, finally. We’ve climbed mountains, and overcome the worst that could be thrown at us."
This is just the perfect ending to such a wonderful love story. Ahhhhh...a fairtytale both of them so wants!

When I wake in the morning there is no confusion about where I am or who I am cuddled up with. I knew the moment he whispered in my ears last night that I would wake up in his arms. Keegan's grip on me is tight, like he's afraid that I'll try to escape. The rise and fall of his chest against me is soothing. As I lie awake, I recall the events of last night. His sweet words were my downfall. You would think that since I am sure of his feelings, we could continue our fairy tale. I wish it were that easy, but it's not. Do we need more time? Is this time we have here together enough for me to forgive him? This is why I need girlfriends, ones I can run to when I need advice, girls I trust. There's Reese, but hello, she's practically part of the James family now. A fact that is still so surreal to me. Keegan is waking up. His breathing isn't as deep any longer, and his body is suddenly stiff, as if he's afraid to move and wake me. He nuzzles my neck and sighs. His grip on me tightens, and I consider pretending I'm asleep just to see how this whole spooning-and-the-morning–after thing plays out. Unfortunately, someone else is awake as well. "Busted." "Morning, Dad." "Morning, Rick." Keegan follows my greeting. My father is staring down at us, and I'm reminded of the times he caught Keegan in my room when we were younger. He's trying to be bothered by our sleeping arrangement, but he isn't really. "You know, there are perfectly comfortable beds upstairs for both of you to sleep in separately." He emphasizes the separate part. He walks out of the room, and we both let out the laughter we have been holding in. "I hope you slept comfortably," Keegan says. Surprisingly, I don't even remember being uncomfortable, or waking. Which proves the kind of effect his touch has on me. It's like a drug; if they could bottle it up I'd be addicted. "Actually, I was in someone's death grip all night." I smile. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" I can hear the concern in his voice. "Of course not, I'm just kidding." I almost make the mistake of telling him it felt nice, and beg him to not let go. Thankfully my brain takes over, and I don't. I sit up and put both my feet on the floor. I smile at him, noticing that he hasn't shaved in a couple days. I've never seen him with stubble before, and I have to look away, imagining what it would feel like across my skin. "I'm going to start coffee and make breakfast," I tell him as I remove myself from our cozy shelter. We both know that last night's sleeping arrangements aren't permanent. No matter how good it felt to be in his arms.
About The Author
Mindy has been in love with love, as long as she can remember. As a child, you could find Mindy engrossed in fairytale books and dreaming of her happily ever after. She was lucky enough to find her prince charming and lives in Ohio with him and her four precarious children.
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