REVIEW : The Voice Between My Legs: The Complete Series by Ozlo Grey, Priya Grey

January 7, 2016

Breast Cancer Killed My Libido. He Brought It Back...
I've discovered a voice I never knew I had. And now, with a second chance at life, I can't play it safe anymore. After a wild night with him, my life is forever changed. He is sex personified...raw, intense, powerful.
But when hotshot billionaire Cooper West enters the picture, things get complicated. He's arrogant, gorgeously handsome...and hiding something. But so am I... 

*Due to mature sexual content, this title is intended for adult audiences. 18+ only.

Breast Cancer Killed My Libido. He Brought It Back...

The Voice Between My Legs by Ozlo and Priya Grey is a fast paced, sweet and enjoyable read that follows the story of Lacey Winters who is back in NYC three years after her diagnosis with breast cancer to pursue her dream as a  photographer... to live life to the fullest and not to be scared to discover  everything it had to offer...  Being back to the city, there she meets Penelope and Nico who introduced her to different world of pleasure..fantasies and desires.... the answer to one of her post cancer problem --- sex drive failure!

...and Cooper West, the sexy, arrogant hot shot billionaire who is the owner of the hottest recruiting firm in the country where Lacey used to work...whom she had a mad crush on.... Yay! Go figure what's supposed to happen....

" Great sex doesn't mean it's love. Just like love sometimes doesn't come with great sex." 

This book caught my interest first because of the title, I was like 'Oh?seriously???' because what the hell right? It's kinda amusing and interesting at the same time will definitely rouse the curiosity of any readers. Amusing enough for me but then I must say I enjoyed reading the book. The content is good and do not focus mostly on the sex scenes which I would say hot and steamy by the way, but definitely focuses also on coping up and facing whatever the consequences of their baggage. And next because of the style of writing. I like the diary-ish way the author introduced us about Lacey and her way/ journey of self discovery to coping up with her flaws and then finally to reaching the road on pursuing her dreams. Overall, I must say, good job to the author, my only complain though is I wanted more. I know it's a novella but I was left hanging still there are parts that maybe rushed to the extent that I have to guess but then even then i could say I love reading this book. 

"I realized sex with the Master has changed me. The voice between my legs has finally spoken, and it wont be silent ever again."

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