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January 4, 2016

***Warning: Adult Content*** This is NOT your stereotypical cookie-cutter erotic romance. The Mountains Trilogy not only makes readers tingle in certain unmentionable places but the story resonates with the heart and mind as well! 

Book 1: Mountains Wanted 
Dr. Sarah Lynde is an open-minded sexual adventurer. A sociology professor and single mother of two, she thinks she knows exactly what she wants, and it's not a relationship.That is, until she meets Army First Sergeant James McAllister, a handsome and intelligent ROTC instructor. Despite being from very different worlds, their connection is unlike anything she has ever experienced. Sarah knows she and James don't want the same things, but he's still a mountain she can't resist climbing. 

Book 2: Mountains Climbed 
In Mountains Wanted, we met Dr. Sarah Lynde, a sociology professor and divorced mother of two, and Lt. James McAllister, a newly commissioned officer facing a deployment to Afghanistan. James and Sarah started off as friends with benefits but soon realized that their connection was too strong to deny deepening feelings for each other. In this sequel, both are pursuing other relationships and desperately trying to stay friends despite their intense past together, but eventually they must decide if their love is strong enough to climb the mountains that separate them. 

Book 3: Mountains Loved 
In this final book of the Mountains Trilogy, Dr. Sarah Lynde and Lt. James McAllister are together at last. But it seems their mountain climbing days have only just begun as new obstacles rise up along 
their path. 

Sarah's daughter Abigail has gone off to college and faces her own mountains: figuring out who she is, what kind of life she wants to live, and with whom she wants to spend it. 

Join Abigail, Sarah and James as they endure the valleys and climb to new heights on their quest for a happily ever after. 

Phoebe Alexander really did not disappoint her readers. With this book, wow! Nothing really compares. I did not know what's in store for me as I started reading this. Yeah, sure I have read one of her books but this one exceeds my expectations . This is more than what I thought it would be, the plot is very excellent and was written flawlessly. Damn! every scene is worth your time.

So, Mountains Trilogy follows the story of Dr. Sarah Lynde, a sociology professor, a single mother of two, a sexual adventurer who opts to have an open relationship than commit monogamy. She doesn't do relationships until  Army First Sergeant James McAllister, an ROTC instructor who caught her attention, the quintessential  All American, clean-cut Army Guy  her G.I Joe... the mountain she can't resist climbing despite their differences. They started off as friends with benefits but later on realized that their chemistry and feelings is more than what they wanted it to be. Several mountains have kept their relationship at bay, trials and heartaches hindered but in the end decided if love is enough to climb the mountains that separates them. When finally, they thought everything's in line, comes another trials and obstacles. Their mountain climbing days has only just begun....

This book is really awesome! My god!! some scenes were definitely disturbing and out of this world but hell!!! It was very unique!!!No one would definitely notice how unlikely it is because the author have written incredibly that every lines became worth grasping. I was actually hooked right from the start and I wanted to delve more deeper into it. When I thought I knew what would likely happen then comes another twist of the story. Mind you, this story is more than fact EROTIC is an understatement when you finally read this book.... but very EDUCATIONAL and WORTH READING!!! Hell!! I am not bisexual...I'm not into polyamory and I'm not pansexual either but this book will definitely let you open your heart and mind to different things. This book will also let you understand more the people around you. On the positive side too, this book will teach you honesty and open mindedness not just into your relationship or lifestyle preference but into your family as well. I am so glad I stumbled upon this book, because this is more than what I wanted to read. This book actually pushes me to my limits. I never thought about this book as an erotic one because of the sex scenes and all (because well every scenes is so hot and very me..) but because behind all of those... lies a great story that will touch you deep...feel you wanted and needed... feel you loved... and characters that will definitely gave you another version of roller coaster  ride of emotions. 

Phoebe Alexander, you're one of the best!




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Washington DC based author Phoebe Alexander has written erotica since around the time she discovered sex. In junior high and high school, her friends frequently implored her to write erotic stories featuring them with their crushes. Shortly after moving to the DC area seven years ago, she experienced a second coming of age in which she embraced her sexuality and began to blog on an adult site about her adventures in swinging and polyamory. Her blogging success coupled with encouragement from her partner gave birth to the Mountains Series.

Phoebe's novels feature compelling plots intertwined with passionate, fiery encounters. She believes that real, relatable characters can have even steamier sex than billionaires, rock stars, and the young and lithe-bodied. She also advocates for ethical non-monogamy and sex-positive attitudes through her writing.

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