Yes, Mr. Mitchell (Mr. Mitchell #1) by Luxx Monroe REVIEW

January 30, 2016

Nicole Swanson was a good girl, a good girl that had something she didn’t want. After being convinced that her virginity would only hinder her college experience, she decided to give it up to a hot, older man. Only she had no idea who he was. 

Garren Mitchell was on a paved road to success. He loved everything about his life, even the fact that he never dated. Ever. That was until Nicole barged into his life. 
Will Garren and Nicole be able to pass the hurdles that are thrown in front of them, or will they simply call it quits and take the easy way out? 

**Note from the author** 
If you're into sweet but naughty books about forbidden student-teacher relationships, then this book is just for you. If you steer clear of cliffhangers, you’ve been warned.
Book Two, 'You're Mine, Nicole', will be out very soon.

★★★★4 Freaky Stars★★★★

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Nicole Swanson is a good girl. Always staying in line,abiding by the rules, she decides that for her freshman year in College, come hell or highwater she's going to lose her virginity.Deciding on a night out on the town she meets a sexy mysterious guy. Thinking no harm can be done, she decides to give it up to him right then and there. Mission accomplished right? The one thing that was holding her back have finally been taken care of and all she wants to do is start her freshman year off with a bang. 

What happens when your one night stand turns out to be your Professor?

Garren Mitchell is everything going for him. Good looks,money,a best-selling book and women. Lots and lots of women. Relationships are a no no for this twenty nine year old so he sticks with his five rules that have made his life complication free. That is until a certain blonde who he's been having a hard time trying to forget, is in his class. 

" I had five rules when it came to women:

1. I never date. Ever.

2. Never learn past information; don't get attached.

3. DO NOT share any personal information.

4. No gifts.

5. If any girl makes me feel like breaking rules 1-4, rid them from my life. 

Rules were meant to be broken and Garren and Nicole did just that. Lines were crossed,obsession was created and a passion that they both fought were eventually ignited. Until it all came to a deadly screeching halt that had me cussing this author's name.

" I knew I wasn't the greatest guy, I knew I had my flaws, and at that moment I knew I was going. straight to hell, but didn't give a flying fuck. 

This was a fast pace quick read and while that's really not my thing, I liked it enough. My only problem with this was the constant name calling of the characters. I already knew the characters name so it felt unnecessary to keep calling them by it all the time.(yes I'm a picky bitch). There was something else I didn't like but for fear of spoilers, I'm going to refrain from saying it.

If you're looking for a hot student/teacher romance with a slight mystery to it, then this book is for you. 

Note: This ends on a cliffhanger so be prepared to stalk the hell out of this author.

4.0 WTF STARS!!!

Yes, Mr.Mitchell is a quick read that follows the story of Nicole who wanted go get rid of her V-card that she has been holding on for an unknown reason. In pursuit of getting laid, she bumped into a hot guy whose stare could melt your panties right off...Garren Mitchell...the hot Green Eyed Man that had rules when it comes to women:

1. I never date. Ever. 
2. Never learn past information; don’t get attached. 
3. DO NOT share any personal information.
4. No gifts. 
5. If any girl makes me feel like breaking rules 1–4, rid them from my life.

But,what are the circumstances be, when you found out on your first class on your first day at school that your virgin snatcher in the flesh is your damn hot professor???

Yeah right??but that's what makes this story an enjoyable read.I will not further discuss what's in it in the story but I'll tell you this,The book is good. The character's sexual chemistry is so hot and undeniable except for the scenes that seems a lil bit cliche and way more rushed but overall it's quite a read. And that cliffy that made me say what the f*ck!!!

Luxx Monroe,just did a great job. If you want to read a taboo story with a twist then this book is for you. Beware though, this author is just good at delivering a  story no matter how short and quick read , never fails to write a story with a cliffy that make you want to strangle someone. 

Can't wait for the next  book! Like really, I want it now!

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