Review: Torn Into Pieces by Shelby Reeves

December 27, 2015

"Love is risky, but then, sometimes it's the most beautiful thing in the world."
Nothing prepared me as I go through with this book. When I read the Prologue I was like...
Wow..Wait... I guess I need to brace and buckle up myself because I know right there and then this book will give me one helluva ride.
Torn into Pieces follows the story of Ethan and Alexis. Ethan is the brother of Kaylee from book 1&2 of this series, Alexis bestfriend whose husband is the bestfriend of Alexis boyfriend. Both have feelings for each other, but both aren't willing to take the risk. Get the picture?complicated as hell!
"Maybe it has been one -sided all along? I went over there, going to pour my heart out to him, knowing good well it might get stomped on, but I didn’t care at the time. At the time, I was confident he would feel the same way. Now? I have no idea. I’m not planning on holding my heart out for him to trample over anymore."
"I need to stay away. I will only break her heart. Besides, she has Brad, someone who can give her more than I can."
I love reading this book and enjoyed every moment of it. In fact, it took me a while to finish writing this review since I was still on a high from a series of rollercoaster ride of emotions. I say series because, wow! I don't know how Ms. Shelby did it but I was in awe with what I feel as I was reading the book. I was at first heartbroken...then swooning...then wanted to strangle someone...swooned again...felt sorry...wanted to smack someone...bawling like a baby..swooned again and then fell in love.The author really has her way working with the reader's emotions. See, I sometimes hated both the leads but then loved them to the nth level. I love how she writes it in a way that you wanted to put the book down because they infuriate you but you just couldn't because you can't keep from turning the pages to see what will happen next and to know what's really going on. With the twists and turns that keeps my heart beating fast and my mind wanting to seek for wow...
I could definitely say this book is written incredibly. The moral of the story was portrayed and conveyed well. In the end it's safe to say...
" Love is risky and rewarding. Love is bliss and beautiful. Love is sometimes hard, yet it’s everlasting. And it is always raging in your soul."
And oh did I say this is my first Shelby Reeves' book? This wont be my last.
A must read!

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