REVIEW: SHUT IN by Cee Smith

December 8, 2015

Blaire didn’t know much about one-night stands, but she knew how they’re supposed to go. A night where inhibitions are thrown out, no names, no attachments, and in the morning you both go your separate ways, never to speak again. At least that’s what was supposed to happen.
Mother nature had other plans.
She established boundaries: No details, no more sex. But Joel was never much for following the rules. With a body built for sex and an appetite to match, one night with him would never be enough. Torn between the case that could make her legal career and a man who thinks of clothes asoptional, how long could she stick to the rules?
**Book 1 in the Just This Once Series**


The story started off with Blaire, a woman in her twenties working her way towards the Junior Associate position in a law firm in Vegas who woke up confused hearing an unfamiliar voice in her house from a man who looked like a Greek statue with chiseled chest and bulging thighs, where the physique could rival an MMA fighter's.

"I know it was good, but honestly can't say that I've ever fucked a woman so good she got amnesia. I guess there's a first for everything." 

Just when she remembered the night out partying with friends then coming home with a man whose identity is a mystery but with body built for sex and an appetite to match whom she could not refused despite the rules and boundaries established as they were stuck together in her house because of the bad weather. 

"You're making a mess of the couch, you know. This juicy pussy is begging to be filled. Feel how hard I am for you. I would hate to disappoint this cunt of yours."
"All you have to do is give me one word, Blaire. One word, and I'm all yours. What's it going to be, Blaire?"

Holy guacamole.This is exactly what I needed after so much delving into dark erotic romance book. I was HOOKED! Hooked to the point that I forgot I am at work because I was just into my kindle devouring every bits of pieces. It was an easy read. Funny at times. But please...those sexy and hot scenes!!! definitely HOT!!!AROUSING!!!as in WOW!!!I have nothing more to say to this book aside from this is so good and flawlessly written. It maybe an easy read, but the uniqueness is there. So if you want something to read to free your mind and just wanted something different, this is the right book. 
Cee Smith just did a great job!


Cee Smith is a lover of the written word. Since first learning how to string a sentence together, she’s been putting pen to paper and hasn’t looked back. Though she’s no longer obsessed with blood and gore, the dark side still calls to her, often finding refuge in her current writings. Her addiction to reading is what finally inspired her to take a chance at publishing.
A California native, currently residing in North Carolina with her husband. She loves salacious stories, true love and forbidden romances—the more angst the better. Other than reading and writing, some of her other obsessions are peanut butter (don’t get her started), Michael Fassbender, and watching tv.
She loves talking about the creative process and what books she’s reading, so feel free to shoot her a line. Or if you just want to say hi that’s fine too. She swears she’ll respond.

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