December 16, 2015

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Sands of Time by K.D. Friedrich The Heart Falls Heroes #2 Publication Date: November 30, 2015 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Sands of Time Cover

Cross My Heart by K.D. Friedrich The Heart Falls Heroes #1 Publication Date: January 19, 2015 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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Synopsis: Sands of Time is a contemporary romance set in a small Upstate New York town called Heart Falls, a town where heroes are born and passion is bred. This spicy romance tests the boundaries of trust, forgiveness, strength, passion, and most of all…love.
Once again, single mom Jade Santiago is trapped under her father’s firm hand. If her existence wasn’t complicated enough, her son’s father, John Sands, has popped back into her life. John doesn’t know JT is his son, and Jade plans to keep it that way. John’s ignorance ensures his protection from her abusive, vindictive father. Especially now that John works for him. Bad-boy-turned-cop John Sands loves women, but hates relationships. At least, that was, until Jade Santiago came back to town. Now he wants things. Things like family and commitment. Not to mention hot sex. For her, he’s ready to change his priorities. If he can only get past her stubborn indifference and the chief of police, who happens to be her father and his boss, she’ll end up right where she belongs—in his arms and his bed Keeping JT’s dad a secret for all these years seemed like a good idea, but the more John proves himself a genuine friend and an honorable man, the more Jade struggles with her intense attraction and undeniable guilt. He deserves the truth. A truth that will ultimately destroy all she has worked to protect. A truth that will shatter the trust of the only man she has ever loved. A truth that will change their lives forever.
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Cross My Heart Cover

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Synopsis: Pete Cross is struggling with the emotional and physical scars of war, the last thing he needs is to find himself attracted to the one woman he shouldn’t want … his best friend’s sister. K.D. Friedrich is pleased to present Book 1 of her new series, The Heart Falls Heroes. Cross My Heart takes you on a poignant journey of loyalty, love, and above all, the healing power of second chances.
Struggling with the emotional and physical scars of war, Marine Pete Cross returns to his hometown, Heart Falls, New York, bitter and broken. The last person he wants to see is the stubborn tomboy from his past, Cara Sands. The guy code of ethics demands he keep his hands to himself where his best friend’s sister is concerned, but Cara never got that memo. Apparently, neither did Pete’s libido, because his desire for her is stronger than ever. Cara has no clue where the man she loves went, but she’ll do whatever it takes to bring him back. Pete tries to push Cara away with bitterness and anger, but she yanks him right back with understanding and patience. Her persistence drags them closer to an outcome that might destroy them both or show him, once and for all, the power of second chances.
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K.D. Friedrich
K. D. Friedrich is a writer of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. A graduate of NYIT, she earned a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in art, social science, psychology, and business. The culprit of that odd mixture was a severe case of indecision. She's an overprotective mother (her daughter's words), lifelong New Yorker, and an obsessed reader of everything romance. Most days, you can find her hard at work, creating intricate worlds and compelling characters, hot alpha heroes being her favorite. In 2013, her novel Soul Tie Seduction, placed second in the Golden Palm contest for Paranormal Romance.
EXCERPTS: Sands of Time – K. D. Friedrich

Excerpt #1
She heaved a pained sigh, her body deflating as if she was about to perform a despised task. Her eyes darted around the gym while her fingers fidgeted with the ID badge hanging around her neck. She reminded him of a guitar string tuned too tight. Any second, he expected her to snap and strike the closest thing to her. His years as a cop had taught him many things, and reading body language was one of them. Jade appeared beyond anxious. John based many decisions on his instincts, and, right now, they were screaming at him to walk over and put her at ease. 
Two things were guaranteed to settle a female’s nerves. Massage oil and a good long orgasm. He was in if she was. He’d love to get his hands on her full body again. The thought had his cock pounding against his zipper to open up. Not a pleasant sensation at all. With a groan, he shifted.

Excerpt #2
Dressed from head to toe in Yankee pinstripes, his tight pants emphasized his thick thighs, fine butt, and significant frontal attributes. His hat hung to the left side, reflecting his easygoing attitude and sexy cuteness she found so freaking irresistible. He even wore cleats to finish the look. 
One glance at him in that uniform made her want to pass first, hit second, round third, and slide straight home into his waiting arms. Batter up, girl. 
She passed a nervous giggle at her internal euphemisms. The smile fell when she remembered how angry and hurt John had appeared at the sight of Andy’s attention. Interest she hadn’t asked for. Sure, Andy was a nice guy. Not bad looking either, with his dark eyes and easy smile, but he didn’t make her tingle or draw her gaze south like a certain sexy cop. The reason she accepted his interest was to humor Cara. That woman had been trying all night to set her up with someone, first with Stan and then Andy. They weren’t the only three victims. The pregnancy had forced Cara into a serious nesting mode, making every single person run for cover. Even Cat, Pete’s cousin she had met earlier, became a casualty to Cara’s matchmaking escapades. 
A sudden knock on the bathroom door made her jump.

Excerpt #3
“Jade,” he whispered against her lips. His tongue darted out, tasting her. “God, I missed this.” 
His voice sounded strained, his breaths growing faster, harder. He squeezed her tighter. His mouth traveled downward along the arch of her throat as his fingers moved lower, curving over her generous hips. 
Trapped beneath his jeans, John’s erection, thick, rigid, and imposing, brushed her stomach, slid over her mound, and settled against her where she ached for him most. He reached underneath her shirt, drawing his hands up and down her waist, stopping shy of her breasts each time. She shivered at the contact, praying he’d move a little higher, hoping he’d take her nipple between his fingers and roll the taut peak until she moaned with delight. 
He dwarfed her petite frame by nearly a foot, his weight a combination of thick muscle and height, but she didn’t feel intimidated or forced. In fact, she’d never felt safer. 
This was going too far. They were racing toward the edge of a cliff overlooking a valley of regret. They had to stop, because if they took that dreaded leap, nothing would be the same. Before she was able to gather the strength to push him away, John closed his mouth around her shirt-covered nipple and suckled. 

Excerpt #4

With slow, gentle guidance, he turned her in his arms, forcing her to face him. He tilted her chin up with his forefinger and thumb. She closed her eyelids, knocking a tear free from the corner of her eye. The wet drop slid down her cheek, offering him an inadvertent testimony of her shame. She tried to turn away, but he held her there, his forehead pressed against her brow. 
“Darling, you got me wrapped so tight around you, I can’t breathe. There’s nothing I want more than to take you down the hall to my bed and spend all day making love to you.” 
Jade opened her eyes to find John’s lips hovering an inch above her mouth. The scent of cinnamon and warm maple syrup from the pancakes blew across her senses. His tongue darted out, moistening his lips, almost touching hers. 
Her lungs seemed to shut down, while her heart pounded on the walls of her chest. Images of her wrapped around John cluttered her mind. Heated play. Sexual fulfillment. The feel of him filling her like no other. The passionate show replayed in her head, becoming bright flashes that blinded her sanity, shoving her common sense into the deep, dark pit of her being. His hand cupped her cheek. The slight touch sent a shockwave of pleasure throughout her body. 
She needed to run. Get away from him. This is wrong, Jade, and you know it. Say something.

Excerpt #5
Tonight would not only be a reunion, but a rebirth. A renewal of hearts, a new start for what might have been had circumstance not snuffed out their passion. 
She hurried to the bathroom, shut the door, and removed her clothes. With a quick turn, she brought her naked back into view of the mirror. She glanced over her shoulder at her reflection, taking one more look at her scars. Her eyes traveled down her spine, over her butt and upper thighs. Angry, puckered skin crisscrossed the area. They were a brand, marks of a life she wanted to leave behind. She looked away before tears formed. They usually did when confronted with the evidence of her father’s hatred of her. 
For a second, she feared John’s reaction. He had seen a glimpse of the damage to her spine in his truck, but there were others, a lifetime’s worth of the evidence of her father’s horrific form of discipline. 
Would John be revolted? Would he turn away from her? 
Fear crept in. The same old insecurities that plagued her the night she spent with him so long ago. She had managed to hide herself back then with the cover of night. 
An image of her father’s madness darkened her thoughts. 
No, I won’t let that man in my head. I won’t let him hurt me anymore. I won’t let him ruin this beautiful night or any other. 
Her father was wrong. Someone did care about her—John.

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