Review : Sparks Fly by Bella Cruise

December 26, 2015

When Ginny Austen left home, she took her big dreams and her broken heart with her. She needed to escape her small town, but most of all, she needed to escape Luke Porter. Her first love, and her first heart break. 
But when a new job sends Ginny right back to where she started, the past she tried so desperately to leave behind reappears in the form of broad-shouldered, smart-mouthed hunk, Luke who is impossible to resist and determined to make up for lost time. He still plays a mean game of pool and is super skilled between the sheets, but this new and improved Luke is ambitious, successful, and hiding pain of his own. 
** Sparks Fly was previously published as Beach Wedding, and contains all new, additional material. **


"I loved him too much to stay, and he loved me enough to let me go."

Sparks Fly is a debut novel of Bella Cruise about achieving ones' dream and second chance romance. This had me captivated because of the plot and how the author write it in a way that makes it unique with her characters. 
So the story started off with Ginny Austen -- a big-city wedding planner that just landed a job of a lifetime. The problem is, her celebrity clients wanted their reality quirky-home-town wedding to be set in Pelican Key Cove....
....her hometown which she hasn't been back for about 10 years since she high-tailed out of town in her old pink convertible the night before graduation, leaving everything— and everyone— behind. However, the only thing that kept her away from her home town is her  couldn’t-be-more-ex ex-boyfriend. That one person she is closest to in the whole world and the one who understood her better than anybody else. The one sIhe's chicken to face because of the way she left in the past... the past  that has the face of an angel, with a devil of a sense of humor ---- Luke Porter.

“So you need to be sure when you leave someone. Because sometimes, you can’t ever heal that wound. A broken heart stays broken, and it can’t be fixed back together again , no matter how hard you try – or how much you still love them.”

Overall, I love this story. It might be an easy read but make no mistake, this book is one helluva great that made me shed a tear or two as I go through with it. I admit I'm a sucker at second chance romance and I love how Ms.Bella Cruise had written this book uniquely so as not to make it so dull and just barely straightforward. The secondary characters' incorporation gave color to the story that will make you love them aside from the lead characters.  It's funny...entertaining and flawlessly written. In my opinion though, I would love to have a book maybe in Luke's POV perhaps so us readers will be enlightened more about him and about his thoughts and maybe a 'lil bit of their HEA.
So, if you're looking for a light read book that will make you smile and fall in love over again, this is just the perfect one. 
Great debut novel Ms. Bella Cruise!

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