Review : Fisher of Men by Phoebe Alexander

December 28, 2015

Leah Miller has come a long way from her ultra-religious upbringing in Wahoo, Nebraska. A graduate of Cornell, she's climbed the corporate ladder to the position of assistant general manager of The Pearl, a resort in Ocean City, Maryland. She dreams of falling in love again someday but isn't sure if her heart has healed from her last two rounds on the battlefield.
Working a private party at The Pearl, she meets party guest Captain Chris Sheldon, an Ocean City born and bred charter fisherman with a colorful past and even more colorful present. She's shocked when he tells her what kind of party it is, but she can't seem to get him out of her mind. Although there is definite chemistry between the two, their lifestyles and beliefs are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Is there any way Leah can reconcile Cap's lifestyle with her faith? Is there any way Cap can give up the lifestyle he loves for the woman who's stolen his heart?
This is my first Phoebe Alexander book and I really don't know where to start this review except that what interests me to read this book is the blurb and the title itself. It's an understatement when I say that I devoured this book because HELL!!! What the f*uck???what I read just surprised me and opened my mind in a different way.

So this story follows Leah and Cap -- two persons who lived in two different worlds and in different lifestyle who met at one of the large party at The Pearl. Leah Miller, the oldest daughter of three, a small town girl who is brought up in a religious family and community and makes a name in the big city as the Guest Experience Strategist of The Pearl; And Captain Chris Sheldon, charter fishing captain..divorced...had children....and a swinge...
(yay! there goes the colorful past and even more colorful present)..Go figure!

" God doesn't hate sex, you know, He invented sex, after all. He made us to feel pleasure, It's not a sin"

"What if he is right? What if my Good Girl and Bad Girl selves can peacefully coexist?"

Ahhhhh..this book is really perfect when you wanted to read a jaw dropping, mind boggling, panty wetting story. Right from the start you'll be hooked because of how uniquely it is written. The swinger parts..the love..the angst...the steamy hot sex!!!It is very descriptive and any readers could vividly imagine all the scenes..all plots..everything the author wants us to see. Other parts maybe disturbing but it's what makes the story worth reading and edgier.The chemistry and how well balance it is written is undeniable. I even can't believe I enjoyed reading the book. It's way past my comfort zone, any reader would definitely have second thoughts considering it involves a plot where the lead is a preachers kid and the other one is a swinger. Not me, the second thoughts part is vanished the moment I started reading the book much well when I devoured every line as I go through with the story. 

Great job!

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