December 22, 2015

As the club Enforcer, Stitch is the man chosen to protect the club. There are no limits to his brutality, no lines drawn in the sand. The club is his life, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his brothers safe. He’s a man who keeps to himself, guarding the walls that he secured so long ago. Then, one moment, one chance meeting, changes everything. Wren Life for Wren and her son, Wyatt, isn’t exactly easy. Yet, Wren faces each day with determination and courage. Wyatt is her joy and motivation; for him, she will find a way to make their lives better, even when obstacles are continually thrown in her path. The last thing she needs is another complication, but what is life without hurdles to overcome? Stitch appears when they need him the most, protecting them when no one else can. Wren can’t understand it. She should feel threatened by his bulging muscles and menacing tattoos, but she’s somehow able to see past the mysterious biker to the man inside. She is drawn to him for reasons she can’t even begin to comprehend. All she knows is that her body craves his touch.
Can Stitch let his guard down and allow these two strangers into his heart? Can Wren see beyond the scars of her past long enough to let him in, or will her fear drive him away? 

4.5 Damn! This.Book.Is.Oh.So.Good Stars!!!

This is actually my first L. Wilder book, and you know what caught me first? That cover that made my knickers wet and the fact that it is an MC book! Swoon!!!
There's nothing more to say because from that cover to blurb which almost says it all until the end of the book, everything is worth reading for. Right there and then you will be drawn into the story that made you undecided whether to go through its fast paced tempo or just devour it slowly because you just want to and because you just don't know why. The ending may be too rushed in my opinion but in totality it gives justice to the story. The author made this book without so much drama and angst that I was used to with MC books, however made it a point that every words and lines will cut deep into your heart. In fact, right from the first chapter, my heart was twisted in knots..and nothing had prepared me reading about the heroine and her son as well as what went through her past relationship. It had also captivated me how the author had flawlessly written a story as heart wrenching as this that made my heart broken but then find a way to  fix my broken heart and shed a light that somehow...someday... HEA exists.

"I should've walked away, left you alone, but I just couldn't do it. I was powerless to leave you. i had to have you. I had to know what it felt like to be loved by you, and now that i know, there's no way I'll ever be able to let you go."

In totality, I enjoyed reading this book. I love every moment of savoring lines after lines as I go through with the story. With the authors imagination, I was swept through  a perfect blend of life... survival.. friendship... faith... trust.. family... and love.
Go figure!


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