November 13, 2015

Boy meets girl. 
Boy falls in love with girl. 
Girl falls in love with boy… SCREECH! 
No. It can’t be that easy. (You knew that, right?) 
Boy meets girl. 
Boy can’t fall in love with girl, because girl comes from a different culture. 
She also has secrets. Lots of secrets he’s determined to uncover. 
He’ll try to uncover all her secrets. But in doing so, he’ll have to remove the gloves she hides behind. Leave her bare and aching. And what happens then? 
Girl meets boy. 
Girl falls in love with boy. 
Boy can’t love her back. 
I've been waiting for Lark and Ryan's story since the last book in the series <3 I just knew it was going to be special.
We have a girl with a tragic past, and a hero that is in no way what's expected. He can't hear, and neither he nor his family think dating a hearing girl is okay. I loved how the person judged was Lark. It shows how people with disabilities also have prejudices against hearing people.
The only thing I hated was how short this book was. I WANTED MORE !!!! The couple was so cute together, and Ryan is such a drool-worthy book boyfriend. I adored how sweet and understanding he was of Lark's past, and how he tried to help her. She healed and became a more confident girl.

“You take my breath away on a normal day, but when your cheeks turn pink, I feel like you’ll never give the breath back.”

“Trust me, Lark, he does. He knows you better than anyone ever has.”
“I haven’t known him very long, Melio.”
“The heart has a tendency to get acquainted quickly,” he says.
 “I thought that was just a penis and a vagina,” I counter. 
“That too… But the heart, that’s the important part, and that boy might just fill up all the space in yours.”

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