Exclusive Excerpt: Wrecked by Jeannine Colette

June 16, 2017

June 21, 2017

Take one sexy bartender. Add a badass cop.
A splash of sweet, that's me. One sour, that's him... and serve over ice.
It’s a cocktail of trouble. Best served shaken, not stirred.
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Exclusive Excerpt from WRECKED by Jeannine Colette ©2017

He pulls me in, his forehead pressing against mine, our mouths breathing into one another. “No more fighting me, Leah. No more denying what this is.”
I look up at him, into the dark abysses of glass. “What is this? I’m having a hard time figuring it out.”
“It’s two people who have been bound to each other for years yet keep pushing each other away. It’s the fine line between heaven and hell and a relationship that could destroy us both. It’s a guy who stupidly went out with a girl’s friend as a way to push her out of his mind, but it only made things worse. It’s a guy who fell for his best friend’s girl when he was a teenager and stayed away from her as a punishment. To her. To himself. To the world. I’m done with staying away from you.”
Adam puts a hand to my head and holds me tight. Leaning in, he continues, “It’s a guy who has wanted a girl since he was eighteen years old. You’re all I’ve ever wanted. You wrecked me a long time ago, and I will never be repaired. Hell, I don’t ever want to be repaired. I love you, Leah.”
My heart speeds up, and my eyes and mouth widen at the words. “You love me?”
“I don’t know why. You’re the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever met.” He smiles. “I’m in love with you. Always have been. Always will be.”
If he’s been wrecked by me, then I’ve been shattered, damaged, destroyed by him. And, by God, if being in a million pieces means I can belong to him, then I don’t ever want to be whole. 
He holds all my pieces in his hands. 
I lean forward and kiss him. Wrapping my hands around his neck, I pull his mouth into mine and devour him. Feeling weak in the knees, I cling to him to remain upright. His tongue searches for mine and caresses it, eliciting sweet whimpers from me. He moans into my mouth as I weave my hands through his hair and pull lightly at the ends. He grabs my ass and pulls me further into him. Groin-to-groin, we are wrapped up in each other. I hear cars passing and the music coming from inside the bar. His teeth nip at my lip, and I sigh into his mouth, feeling the burn and wanting more. 
I fall back, using the truck behind me to steady myself, and say, “We have to get out of here.”
My heart is beating out of my chest, and from the sounds of the short pants coming from his mouth, so is his. His lips part, and his chest hitches. I wait for him to make a move.
“Are you okay?” I ask.
He blinks and then shakes his head. “Yes. I was just trying to figure out if I should take you back to your house, like a gentleman, or to mine, like a criminal.”
I laugh. It’s big and loud. And it feels good. “Take me home, Officer.”

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