Excerpt Reveal: With Him by T. N. Williams

December 23, 2016




She was so lost in her own thoughts she hadn't heard him knock on the door, his voice startled her.
            “Leah, are you OK? I knocked but you didn't answer.”

            She leaned her head out of the shower to see him standing there with steam filling the room all around him. The thought of him being only inches away from her naked body made her thighs tighten and her heart race. There was no denying it any longer, she wanted Dace Carter more than she could handle.

            Fighting the urge to pull him in there with her, she tried to focus on what she was saying. “Ugh, yeah. I'm good, I was just getting ready to get out....I guess I just lost track of time”. She knew she wasn't ready to be so open with him just yet, but it didn't change the urges she felt.

            Dace just laughed and walked out. Leah heard the door close behind him. She started to grab her towel, but realized she left the clean one on her bed. She didn’t think twice before walking out of her bathroom naked, and she certainly wasn't expecting Dace to be standing there either.

            Leah had always been a curvy women, she had large breast and a body that flowed accordingly. She was very confident in the way she looked, but she wasn't ready to be that exposed with Dace. She could feel the heat in her face as Dace just stood there holding her towel, giving her his playful grin.

            “I thought you might need this, but it looks like you are doing just fine without it.” He tossed her towel to her then turned and walked out.

Leah is running to escape her life full of lies, secrets, and abuse. She’s running to find herself again, and letting nothing get in her way. That is until Dace gives her no other choice but to stay. Will her past let her break free, or will his past break her completely?

How can she truly trust a man she barely knows and trust her own feelings after being closed off for so long. Can Dace be enough to show her how to love again. Will Leah be able to find her happiness with him?
This is a standalone novella.

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  Author Information

 T.N. Williams is a debut author of With Him. She’s a sucker for a good romance and loves a happy ending. Her favorite part of reading a romance novel is the built up tension that explodes into pure passion. She’s an emotional, sassy, overly opinionated wife and mother. Her family and friends mean the world to her. She likes a hot cup of coffee in the morning and a big glass of sweet iced tea in the evening.

"Writing wasn't something I had planned, but I sure am glad I'm on this journey." ~ T.N. Williams

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