December 19, 2016

Title: Swing
Series: Landry Family #2
Author: Adriana Locke
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 19, 2016


Screw him and his perfect stats.
Sinful smirk.
Delicious body.
Lincoln Landry probably even has game-winning stamina.

I’d like to screw her and her perfect ass.
Dangerous curves.
Sweet smile.
Danielle Ashley probably even has a game-changing personality.

There’s no denying the chemistry between them. It’s so fiery, it’s undeniable. They partake in it. Enjoy it.
They really enjoy it.
Attraction is not a problem. Nor is their banter, relationship status, or habits. That’s all fine. Perfect, actually.
The problem is as tangled up as their sheets.

A STANDALONE romantic comedy from USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke.

"This is what I've been looking for, the missing piece of my life that was only visible when everything else was stripped away."
Squeee!!! This is so wonderful and funny and hilarious and it really is one of the best heart warming, light hearted and swoony read ever!!! And really it's one of the reasons why I sooo love to root for Adriana Locke's work. Anticipating in her every releases is an understatement because if there is a right term more than that, it's how I define myself looking forward to her every book release. Swing is no different. After sobbing and bawling like a baby with WITS, I have been laughing, swooning, and soooo madly in love with Dani and another yet Landry..but then, move over Barett because Lincoln is just my man. DIBS! Good thing though my reader's cover is water proof because I've been drooling all over. And guess what? I set aside my panties because there's really no point wearing one. ;)
And that serves your warning, Do NOT wear any panties and make sure your reader is water proof. Prepare your heart too, because you'll gonna get broken, because well...Lincoln is MINE. #HomeRun8

The confidence he carries is such a turn-on. Borderline cocky. Halfway arrogant, yet he pulls it off because he has every right to be those things. He’s delicious. Hot. Talented. Wealthy. From what the media says, he’s also funny and kind and sweet. Screw him and his perfect resume. And flawless face. And delicious body. And probably game-winning stamina. I’m going to be a mess today just thinking about it. ~Dani
 I can’t with this girl. She’s gorgeous with her olive skin and dark, exotic eyes. Full lips that nearly reach her high cheekbones when she kills me with that smile. Her black hair was piled on top of her head with curls falling out of the haphazard mass. Sexy. As. Fuck. ~Lincoln

Lincoln and Dani is hands down one of those characters you'll definitely love. I have nothing to say about them. Physically they are depicted as both well endowed but what comes to my mind about them is that they are perfect for each other and really there is no denying with their chemistry. It was effortless and even just the first few pages you'll definitely have a soft spot for both of them. They are in a way opposite in terms of family relationships but they are just molded so perfectly I was just left sighing because they are just every woman's fantasy. For goodness sake, I was literally laughing out loud over the hilarity and at the same time the cuteness and sweetness of Linc it's impossible not to swoon. He's a definition of swoon and sexy..oh damn make him Mr.Perfect! And Dani, what-the-ever-loving-hell this woman is for when I am here? Kidding aside, I love her and she is just the right woman for Linc. I get where she's coming from and I felt sorry not for her though but to the persons who brought her in this world. But even then, I admire her strength and her heart. Both leads had issues but there was no unnecessary drama involved. Just a straightforward story of their growth and journey towards what really is their purpose in life and in each other. I tell you, you'll gonna love it as much as I did. Because these two is just the epitome of of a couple so flawed yet so perfect. And Lincoln? he'll definitely will romance the hell out of you. After reading this, hmmm...I don't think you'll ever think of water and ice once again because Addy as always will bring you another bomb! And it was really a BOMB!

'It's like this,..
Meeting her has put me in a position.
Like..I'm standing at the plate in the championship game. We're down by three and bases are loaded. Full count. The perfect pitch is coming and I'm a fucking idiot if I don't swing."

In totality, Adriana Locke is a genius in her own ways. The story is light hearted and in a way somewhat predictable but then it was flawless and just a perfect and a refreshing story a reader can dream of. It's a story so inspiring making a reader definitely smile, laugh and have fun reading because it wasn't boring despite the fact that there was no drama or something you have to look forward. (But, Oh My God!!! There's just plenty!) What was delivered is a story of growth, understanding, acceptance, belonging more than falling in love and love itself. It's a real story of two souls trying to be who they are, finding their selves where they really belong and realizing what really would make a difference. I tell you, no drama but just a book to entertain with a depth and substance. I laughed, swooned, turned on because it was just so hot and sexy but then I cried too with sadness that really gripped my heart and with utter joy because of how I love the story was portrayed.It was so unique in every way because as always, Adriana Locke delivered it with passion. I love it to pieces!!!


So now are you ready for Tennessee Arrows' Star centerfielder?
You have to and you'll not gonna regret it. Highly recommended.

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The bell chimes as the front door closes behind me. I’m to my car in record speed. I need space. I need air. I need to think. When my phone buzzes right before I pull out of the parking lot, I know it’s Pepper and she’s not going to quit until I give her something to occupy her mind.

“Fine!” I nearly shout into the phone. “His cock is about ten inches, if I’m guessing, and he fucked me in about every position I could explain. My favorite, though, was the corkscrew. Not sure what that is? Google it.”

My finger goes to swipe off the call when I see the name on the screen and drop the phone. “Shit!” I cry, digging through the items on my passenger’s side floorboard until I find the glowing device.

My heart is pounding as I try to decide whether to end the call or talk to Lincoln. Mortified, I bring it to my ear and squeeze my eyes shut. He’s silent.

Maybe he didn’t hear. Please, God, don’t let him have heard that.

“Hello?” I eke out.

“I’d say ten inches is fair and I’ve made a note about the corkscrew. Glad I called,” he chuckles.

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Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.

She resides in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her outside if the weather's nice and there's always a piece of candy in her pocket.

For sneak peeks, giveaways, and more, please join Adriana's Facebook Group, Books by Adriana Locke, or her Goodreads group, All Locked Up.

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