Review & Excerpt Tour : Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March

October 25, 2016

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From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comesanother dangerously sexy alpha hero...

The only permanent thing in my life is the ink I puton my clients.
I drift form city to city, in and out of beds, from onetattoo shop to the next.
Every time I start to put down roots, I rip themup.
Until New Orleans.
Until her.
She’s everything I’m not.
Full of fire and life. An innocent where I’m asinner.
I want to consume her. Protect her. Keep her.
But first, I have to escape from beneath theseshadows.
Beneath These Shadows is aSTANDALONE romance set in the world of the Beneath series. YouDO NOT have to read any other books in the series to enjoyit.



Man-bun plus beard plus all those tattoos plus angry scowl finally tipped the scale from dangerously gorgeous to just flat-out dangerous. 
Tattoed alpha in a man bun?Hell YES!!! I cannot fucking believe I haven't read the books prior to this one because Beneath These Shadows is a story I have devoured from start to finish. I haven't put it down since I started reading it because the book has the capacity to draw you into the story,engage you, keep you turning the pages and hell not wanting it to end. One thing is for sure, Meghan March did not disappoint. The story is sooooo amazing she will fucking made you want more!

Beneath These Shadows is the sixth book in the series but can be read asSTANDALONE. In as much as I hate myself right now because I jumped to this book without reading the first five, I am so glad Meghan made it a point that I was not left off. I feel like I have known all of them but man, I really have to read those books pronto. With the amazing feels of Shadows I have right now, I know I have missed plenty of the good parts.

Yes, I am so in love with the book and so with Bishop and Eden too. My God, I cannot wait for you to meet them. The way their character is portrayed just screams CHEMISTRY and EXPLOSIVE! Each had a good depth and despite being so opposite their sexual tension burning is hard to ignore which just added some substance in the story. 
She’s everything I’m not.Full of fire and life. An innocent where I’m a sinner. I want to consume her. Protect her. Keep her. 
Eden is a mobster's daughter summoned to leave New York and lay low. With her pursuit to spreading her wings, be independent and live life without bodyguards she chose New Orleans in the middle of Mardi Gras. She's so innocent, screams tourist with her suitcase in her wandering off the streets. Entered Bishop, the tattooed giant of a man in man bun with a beard and I'm a goner. He's not who he seems to be. For so many years, he's been to different places, drifting from one tattoo shop to the next. Behind his inks lies dark secrets and issues locked down for years until that innocent and helpless woman in Pink-and-white polo shirt with no doubt some fancy logo on it. Dark skinny jeans. Fucking Sperry Top-Siders. And then that face and those eyes. Like a sucker punch to the gut. 

Turned out, they both need the rescuing.

Holy.Fucking.Smudgeballs!!! I am utterly glad and obsess with Bishop and Eden now. When I finish the book, I am so disappointed because I dont want it to end. Bishop is just someone you wanted in your whole life. He's a fantasy I wont be able to get over. I have just this obsession with man bun, tattoed giant of a man plus added up with a cave man tendencies and a legit apha! Bring it on Bishop. 

And don't me started with his dirty talking and dirty ways because this man can do you good. He's just perfect for Eden. I know I said she's innocent and looking forward to living freely but lies beneath the exterior is a woman with a sass, strong personality in her own and unique way. And that's what I love about Meghan, her characters are easy love and so relatable, you do not need someone "lady in distress and a knight in shining armor" instead a character that made you live with your inner fantasy. I love the glimpses of the other characters and even their conversations is something to look forward too. The bond and the support system. I swear I could sell any parts of my body to have someone like that too. To have someone despite your flaws to accept you wholeheartedly. Even the writing is so good I cannot believe I was done reading but thirsty still. It was romance and suspense rolled into one blended just perfectly not just for entertainment and fun but for so much more. This book is just everything, even after hours after I tell you I'm still swooning over Bishop. Damn! How great is it to have someone tell you, "MINE".

In the end, indeed for Bishop and Eden, 
"Most stories aren't always pretty. That's what gives them true beauty."
It's a must read!


“You ever broken the law before this, Eden?”I expected a quick and unequivocal no, but it didn’t come as fast asI thought it would.“I don’t think so. I mean, I’m sure I have by accident sometime. I’vejaywalked. But I’m not some kind of criminal.” Well, that makes one of us, I thought.My anger from earlier started to fade and be replaced by the heat ofthe knowledge that Eden’s naked tits were only inches from mychest, separated by water I could see right through. Last time I’dseen them under her pink bra, she’d been too fucked up for me totake advantage . . . but tonight she was completely sober.I raised my gaze from her chest, expecting her cheeks to be redwhen she realized I was staring at her nipples, but she wasn’twatching my face. She was staring down at my body.“Like what you see?”That got her attention.Eden jerked her head up to meet my eyes, and the blush coloredher skin like I’d timed it.“You’re . . . big.”A booming laugh broke free from my throat at her unexpectedresponse, and her cheeks flamed even brighter.“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean . . . everywhere. Not just, in the. . .” She looked down, then jerked her gaze back to mine. “I’mgoing to shut up now.”That kind of awkward and fumbling response couldn’t be faked,and protectiveness rose in me again. Eden was no con artist. Shewas a girl who couldn’t even say the word cock without turning red.“Ain’t no shame in my game.”She reached out a hand and covered my lips with her fingers.“Stop. You’re just making it worse. I wasn’t checking out your . . .package. I mean, I did before you got in the pool, but that’s onlybecause I thought you’d have underwear on because who doesn’twear underwear?” The babbling continued, and so did my laughter. Hell, I hadn’t laughed this much since Delilah had given in to acustomer’s request and tattooed a flexing veined eggplant cartoonon a client so he could send pictures of it instead of dick pics.Eden pulled her hand back and covered her face. “I’m going to stoptalking now. I seriously can’t be trusted to say anything that’s notcompletely humiliating when you’re standing this close to menaked.”“I disagree, and since I’m not ready to get out and put my clotheson, you’re going to have to deal with it.”She mumbled something under her breath.“Come again?”Eden pressed her lips together for a beat before saying, “I don’tknow how to deal with it. This isn’t something I’ve ever dealt withbefore.”A crazy thought popped into my brain. “Are you a virgin?”If there was a red brighter than fire engine, that was the color ofEden’s cheeks. “No! Of course not. Really. I’ve touched a dickbefore. I mean, just the one, but it still counts. Well, I didn’t reallytouch it. Except, you know, inside me. Oh my God, I’m just going toshut up now.”Realization dawned on me as her babbled protest silenced. “You’vehad sex with one guy? Once? How old are you?”Eden turned to bolt, but instead smashed her tits into my arm. Istepped close enough so that only an inch of water separated us.Her gaze went skyward. “This is so humiliating.”That’s where she and I had differing opinions. “Why? Because youhaven’t fucked every guy you’ve ever met? What’s wrong withthat?” Eden’s gaze snapped down to mine and her brows drew intoslashes. “Hey, whoa now. You can toss that double-standard crapright in the trash. What if I had screwed every guy I ever met?Would that make me less of a person? I mean, it’s not like youprobably haven’t been with dozens and dozens of women. I’m notjudging you. Except for maybe that Kitty girl. I mean, really? You’vegot to have some standards.”My laughter boomed out again across the courtyard. “Cupcake,just because I can get most any pussy I want, doesn’t mean I do it.”“Still, double standards are—”When she started on another tirade, I decided to silence her thebest way I knew how.I leaned down and covered her lips with mine.

About MeghanMarch:


Meghan March has been known to wear came facepaint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered books, allwhile sporting a perfect manicure. She’s also impulsive, easilyentertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that sheloves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging autoparts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males andthe strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far themost fabulous job she’s ever had. She loves hearing from herreaders at

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