October 25, 2016

In a survey of ten fictional doctors, nine agreed that at the conclusion of this book, you may be in serious danger of having your ovaries explode. Please proceed with caution.

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For the life of all those holy, this book is DOWNRIGHT HILARIOUS, CRAZILY GOOD, DELICIOUS, HOT AND SEXY TO THE ZENITH!!! 

Oh.em.gee!!! I love you Max Monroe because your duet is just so perfect you made a beautiful story out of Wes and Winnie!!! No doubt and hesitations I inhaled the book like it's my next breath. First few pages and my reader is burning!!! The scenes were so fucking hot in a delicious and torturous manner my eyes were bulging I keep on fanning and I just had a female version of blue balls. (TMI, I know.)

But could you blame me when all I can think of is that Wes on this fucking cover of the book?? Wes Lancaster, the "Third Billionaire Bad Boy". Man how I wish somebody could pull off that blue lines and maybe dropped off the towel?? And please I said few pages right? So could you still blame me when that scorching scene started right off at that few fucking pages I was talking! And those exchange of text messages that had me swooning all over??? Yes, the man we used to know as stoic, unemotional, unswayable, unflappable, had-to-rile, and married to his work finally met his match!!! And not just to one woman but two. One fucking strong willed physician and to a special and brilliant 6 year old.

Talk about ovary explosion!!! Mine danced, leaped with glee and just got exploded I am still picking up the pieces.

I wont definitely go into details as this book need to be read and experienced fully but what I'll tell you is that how I felt and my thoughts about the book.

First is the fact that this duet is getting better and better the book was not just written flawlessly but so damn good you can feel all emotions. Everything that was written is so natural and normal it's just real. I am fanning now, then swooning, then laughing a full damn laugh, back to fanning and swooning but I felt gutted too and I feel like my tummies got butterflies dancing and twirling all over. In their true fashion, Max Monroe just didn't give us a story to be entertained but to feel as well. I just didn't get to laugh but I feel loved. They gave us Kline and Thatch and now Wes and his story with Winnie is just something that made a greater part of me. They made an impact and that's thanks to their fabulous writing. If I am very vocal about my love for Thatch, man, I am staking my claim to WES! HE.IS.MINE! Their love story amidst push and pull and heartbreak consumed every part of me. I love it to pieces and I don't mind reading it again and again. This is one of those stories you'll not get bored reading several times. Ahh.. I can't wait for you to meet Wes and Winnie and of course the whole gang and don't forget, sweet Lexi too. She stole my heart with this story and her relationship with Wes is the one you also need to read and experience. It was dreamy and swoony and because of that you'll definitely understand my obsession with Wes now.

If you're a fan of sweet, hilarious and steamy romance books? Look no more because this series is just PERFECT for you. I highly recommend it! 

And yes,

Prepare to get a little dirty because this one might go into overtime. 
Game. On. 

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