Book Review: Unveiling Chaos by Jeannine Allison

October 14, 2016

    It was just sex…

Naomi’s life had been steady, in order, planned out… just the way she liked it. But when her boyfriend of five years leaves her for another woman and her mother makes a surprise reappearance in her life, she watches her controlled life fall into chaos. Then she meets, and has a one night stand with, Damien. The last thing on her mind is getting a new boyfriend, yet she can’t deny the attraction she feels, so when he offers no strings sex, it seems like the perfection solution. But the more she gets to know Damien, the more she learns all they have in common, and the line between casual and something more starts to blur. For all her planning, she realizes… you can’t plan love.

It was never just sex…

Damien’s life is busy and hardly ever in order. Between working two jobs, taking care of his sister, and saving up for his own tattoo studio, there are always surprises. When he meets Naomi, the last thing on his mind is getting a girlfriend, but he can’t deny the connection he feels. It’s clear she’s not ready for a relationship, though that won’t stop him from pursuing one… even if he has to lie to her about his intentions. But when one of the things that brought them together, slowly tears her apart, Damien has to make her see… the beauty in chaos.


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I love a good f/b storyline and this one delivered it perfectly!! Naomi and Damien's story had all the makings of a relationship that not only started off as a one time thing, but grew into something they both never expected.

"I fell.

I soared.

It was chaos.

It was perfect". 

Coming off of a terrible break up where her boyfriend of five years cheated on her, has left Naomi in a not so good mood. In a effort to brighten her spirit, she decides to get a piercing along with her best friend at a tattoo parlor. Little does she know her world is about to change in the form of a tatted up, bearded grumpy guy who thinks he knows what she's all about. 

Damien hasn't had the best of luck in a long time. Sure, he works hard making sure his younger sister and himself has a roof over their head and food in their refrigerator, but the real struggle has been keeping his sister sober. Having that as another job and dealing with idiotic college students has left him in a crappy mood when Naomi wallks in his shop. Thinking he knows what she came in for, he gets a big surprise when the sassy brunnette gives him a piece of her mind causing him to become VERY intrigued. 

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What starts off as a one night stand, quickly turns into a screw buddy relationship that has Naomi and Damien never gettinhg enough of each other. But along with that comes emotions and we all know what emotions are. FEELINGS. And what happens when you fall for your screw buddy? You get Complications. 

I really enjoyed the relationships between Naomi and her friends, along with Damien and his sister. Everyone was really close and you felt their connection knowing they would do anything for each other and I loved seeing that. As for Damien and Naomi? They're chemistry was HAWT and even though they both had their own personal problems, when it came to being with each other, nothing else existed for them. 

If you're in the mood for a swoony hero with a strong heroine by his side, then this one is for you. 

Jeannine Allison is an author of contemporary and New Adult romance. After waffling between many degrees in college, she finally graduated with a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University in 2013.

She loves writing and reading -- obviously :) -- but when she's not, she enjoys playing with her two dogs, obsessing over new makeup, drinking coffee, googling new tattoos, and pretty much anything else that allows her to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt ;)

She is a big fan of being exactly who you are. Dr. Seuss said it best...

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

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