Release Day BLitz : Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March -

October 25, 2016


From USA Today bestselling author MeghanMarch comesanotherdangerously sexy alphahero...

The only permanent thing inmy lifeistheinkIput onmy clients.

I drift form city to city, inand out ofbeds, from onetattoo shopto thenext.

Every time Istart to put downroots, Iripthem up.

Until New Orleans.

Until her.

She’s everything I’m not.

Full of fire and life. Aninnocent whereI’m a sinner.

I want to consumeher. Protect her. Keepher.

But first, I haveto escapefrom beneath theseshadows.

Beneath TheseShadowsisa STANDALONEromanceset intheworld oftheBeneath series. You DO NOT haveto read any other booksintheseriesto enjoy it.



“You ever broken the law beforethis, Eden?”I expected a quick and unequivocalno, but it didn’t comeasfast asIthought it would.“I don’t think so. I mean, I’msureIhaveby accident sometime. I’vejaywalked. But I’mnot somekind ofcriminal.”Well, that makes one of us, Ithought.My anger from earlier started to fadeand bereplaced by theheat oftheknowledgethat Eden’snaked titswere only inches from my chest, separated by water Icould seeright through. Last timeI’d seenthemunder her pink bra, she’d beentoo fucked upfor meto takeadvantage. . . but tonight shewascompletelysober. I raised my gaze from her chest, expecting her cheeksto bered whensherealized Iwasstaring at hernipples, but she wasn’t watching my face. Shewasstaring downat my body.“Like what you see?”That got her attention.Eden jerked her head up to meet my eyes, and theblush colored her skinlikeI’d timed it.“You’re . . . big.”A booming laugh broke freefrom my throat at her unexpected response, and hercheeksflamed evenbrighter.“No, that’s not what I meant. Imean. . . everywhere. Not just, inthe. . .” Shelooked down, thenjerkedher gaze back to mine. “I’m going to shut upnow.”That kind of awkward and fumbling responsecouldn’t befaked, and protectivenessroseinmeagain.Eden was no con artist. She wasa girlwho couldn’t evensay theword cockwithout turning red.“Ain’t no shame in my game.”She reached out a hand andcovered my lipswith her fingers. “Stop. You’rejust making it worse. Iwasn’tchecking out your . . . package. Imean, Idid beforeyougot inthepool, but that’sonly becauseIthought you’d have underwear on becausewho doesn’t wear underwear?” Thebabbling continued, and so did mylaughter.Hell, I hadn’t laughed this much sinceDelilah had giveninto a customer’srequest and tattooed a flexingveined eggplant cartoon on a client so hecould send picturesofit instead ofdickpics.Eden pulled her hand back and covered her face. “I’m going to stoptalking now. Iseriously can’t betrusted to say anything that’snot completely humiliating whenyou’restanding thiscloseto menaked.”“I disagree, and since I’m not ready to get out and put my clotheson, you’regoing to haveto dealwith it.”She mumbled something under her breath.“Come again?”Eden pressed her lips together for a beat beforesaying, “Idon’t knowhowto dealwith it. Thisisn’tsomething I’ve ever dealt with before.”A crazy thought popped intomy brain. “Areyoua virgin?”If there was a red brighter thanfireengine, that wasthecolor ofEden’scheeks. “No!Ofcoursenot. Really.I’ve touched a dick before. Imean, just theone, but it stillcounts. Well, Ididn’t really touch it. Except, youknow, inside me. Oh my God, I’m just going to shut upnow.” Realization dawned on me asher babbled protest silenced. “You’vehad sexwith oneguy?Once?Howoldare you?”Eden turned to bolt, but instead smashed her titsinto my arm. Istepped closeenough so that only aninchof water separated us.Her gaze went skyward. “Thisisso humiliating.”That’s where she and I had differing opinions. “Why? Becauseyouhaven’t fucked every guy you’veevermet? What’s wrong with that?”Eden’s gaze snapped down to mineand her browsdrewinto slashes. “Hey, whoa now. Youcantossthatdouble-standard crap right inthetrash. What ifIhad screwed every guy Ievermet?Would that makemeless of a person? I mean, it’snot likeyouprobably haven’t beenwith dozensand dozensofwomen. I’mnotjudging you. Except for maybethat Kitty girl. Imean, really? You’vegot to havesomestandards.”My laughter boomed out againacrossthecourtyard. “Cupcake, just becauseIcanget most any pussy Iwant, doesn’t mean I do it.”“Still, double standards are—”When she started on another tirade, Idecided to silenceher thebest way Iknewhow.I leaned down and covered her lipswith mine.
MeghanMarch hasbeenknownto wearcamefacepaint and tromparound in woods wearing mud-covered books, allwhilesporting a perfect manicure. She’salso impulsive,easily entertained, and absolutely unapologeticabout thefact that shelovesto read and writesmut. Herpast lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporatelaw. Writing books about dirty talking alpha malesand thestrong, sassy womenwho bring themto theirknees is by far the most fabulousjob she’sever had. Sheloveshearing fromherreaders at


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