Release Blitz&Book Review: Sweet Haven (The Sweet Series #2) by KC Lynn

October 14, 2016

Title: Sweet Haven (The Sweet Series #2)
Author: KC Lynn
Release Date: October 14, 2016
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Two cups of an arrogant, dirty talkin’ firefighter who has an obsession with peaches and the forbidden girl who smells like them.

One tablespoon of a sweet schoolteacher trying to find her place in the world while attempting to resist her brother’s sworn enemy. 

A slice of fate that has their hearts questioning the past and the consuming need they have for one another. 

A dash of desire.

A pinch of rivalry.

A sprinkle of déjà vu. 

Mix together in a large bowl to create a combustible passion and a future that neither of them could have ever predicted.

Bake at 350° for a rich serving of destiny and a love that could burn for eternity. 

A timeless recipe that is sure to fill your heart with a generous helping of Sweet Haven.


This a longer length novella and is the second book in the Sweet series. It is told in dual POV, has an HEA, and no cliffhanger. Since Samantha and Jase are recurring characters from Sweet Temptation and Sweet Love, I recommend reading both books prior to this but it isn’t a must. 

Warning: Due to mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

"How is it possible to know someone’s touch before you ever felt it? I can’t explain it, and I don’t think I will ever be able to."

My heart's bursting with so much warmth and happiness after reading this book.It is one of the most adorable and sweetest love story I had the pleasure of reading. What with KC Lynn's brilliant, fantabulous and effortless writing that is so much evident in every lines and a story that just flows fluently I was drawn and hooked I keep on turning the pages but keep on trying myself to hold on a bit because I don't want it to end that quickly. You know that quote,"There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book by Josh Jameson? My God! I legit feel that. I am fighting the urge to close it or just to keep on reading but in true KC Lynn's fashion, you really cannot put the book down and I just can't. I devoured it just like what I did with her other works. I was lost in the moment and that's one of the reasons why I love her writing style and ability. Everything just seems so alive and real and you'll just gonna fall in love with the story effortlessly.The feels!Gah!The feels!!!
Sweet Haven follows the story of Sam and Jase, both doomed from the very start. Sam is the innocent, sweet but sassy school teacher and the youngest sister of Sawyer while the latter is the hot and gorgeous firefighter and a sworn enemy of Sam's brother. The rivalry doesn't just stop there because it seems even both their fathers cannot stand each other. But hell!! What will you do when all along, the chemistry is just so strong all you wanted to do for each other aside from pushing each other's buttons is to tear each others clothes??Sworn Enemy or not... Rivalry or Not...

Growling, I lift her off her feet and pin her against my truck. “I lied,”I mumble against her lips. “I fucking love peaches. I love the smell of them and goddamn, I love the taste of them.”“Jase,”my name falls from her lips on a needy whimper. I slip my hands under her dress, meeting the bare round globes of her ass and thrust my aching cock against the apex of her thighs. “Oh god, please!”
I’m a traitor and a whore. I’m a traitorous whore who fucked her brother’s enemy in the back of his truck like a floozy. And I liked it. No— I loved it!

*Needs cold shower 

Sam and Jase just had an undeniable chemistry so strong I don't have any difficulty of connecting with them and it just made the story easy to read. I am so in love with them and adored them that right now it would be difficult with me to forget peaches. My God! These peaches and Jase's fascination and obsession with it just made me smile, laugh and swoon I feel so giddy like a teenager giggling and then leaving me with warm flushes. I was laughing so hard with these too but at the same I fall in love with them BIG TIME. And seriously, it happened in the PEACH GROVE. See.. peaches, peach grove, My God..I am fixated with it now. And it doesn't even helped when I can think of Sawyer with Jase although I tell you, each one is of unique character. It just reminded me how I love KC Lynn's sexy, gorgeous, protective alpha male. More than that, is when his stubborn and arrogant alpha men fall in love. Because for Jase and Samantha, it was so breathtakingly beautiful.

“Because if anyone deserves to experience the beautiful things this world has to offer, it’s you.”

I tell you, Sweet Haven as a novella speaks so much like it's an effing long book. The timeless love it portrays is heart melting and heart warming, I just don't get to smile and laugh but I get to cry too. And this right here usually happens when I read KC Lynn's works. It moved me and made me view the whole world differently. As for Sam and Jase, their timeless love is awe inspiring. It's not just about something you can see or hear everyday but it''s so much different, simple yet you''ll be dreamy. Of course, it's not always rainbows and unicorns but at what extent are you willing to sacrifice and do to follow your heart amidst bumps and curveballs. For Jase and Sam, they follow their heart to finally find their HOME ... Their SWEET HAVEN.

And that Epilogue, My God! You have to read it because I can't find the right words to say about it. It was so beautiful it made me cry. It added more substance to the story I feel breathless.

All the reasons I love peaches. They’re sweet and soft. Vibrant and fresh.
They stand out boldly amongst all the other meager fruits because they are the prettiest.
They’re perfect.
They are also loyal and grow best when surrounded by family.
This must be why I fell in love with a girl who smells just like them, looks like them, and tastes like them.
I’ve also heard they are very forgiving and give second chances. I’m hoping this is true because I’ve come to realize I can’t live without peaches.
I need them to survive.
I need you.


About the Author

K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She married her high school sweetheart and they have four amazing children: two lovely girls and a set of handsome twin boys. It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. When she is not in her writing cave, pounding out new characters and stories, she can be found living between the pages of a book, meeting new tattooed, hot alpha males with very big…Hearts.

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