Release Day + Book Review : Caress by Shanora Williams

October 6, 2017

Title: Caress
Series: A Nora Heat Novella
Author: Shanora Williams
Genre: Erotic/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 6, 2017 KINDLE UNLIMITED

My new client is too damn tempting -- a lingerie supermodel who isn’t afraid to get naughty or naked.

Chanel wants me bad - needs me to touch and caress her - but I can’t get too close.
Her father is my boss, and if he found out about the dirty things I wanted to do to her, my reputation as top bodyguard in Manhattan would be ruined…
But, like Chanel says as I slide her panties down, “He’ll never know.”


They say when you're so stressed out in life and just needed an escape, the best thing to do is read a light hearted book, but I say, read a smutty one.

Now, I have been a Shanora Williams fan. Who wasn't? With her knacks of all things taboo and scorching scenes this bitch here is all heart eyes and grabby hands. She just can write about things that's so cringing yet yummy. So, with a novella? it's another story. It's not usually my cup of tea and I do admit I am usually picky. Intrigued by the short message of Shanora before reading the book, I pretty much devoured it. It's unputdownable. Caress just made me want to read all things novella.

Caress by Shanora Williams is a short story that just made my reader burning. First few pages and I keep on turning the pages hooked with Kobe and Chanel. I love it and l love the fact that the story despite how short, was condensed well giving readers not just to enjoy the smut but the storyline as well. As always, Shanora Williams delivered what she aimed to deliver. Everything is on point that you'll get connected with the story right from the very start. It's lightheartedness coupled with hot scorching scenes just flowed flawlessly. Even Kobe and Chanel's portrayal wasn't forced despite the lenght of the story. It's scorchingly written youll get invested from beginning until the end. 

To sum up, I love both the characters. I adored them especially Kobe. I had fun reading their sexy, sweet and short journey. It might be a quick read with all instalust but one I enjoyed reading. 

So, if you want your panties soaked? I recommend this book to you. It's all pure "OH.MY.FUCKING.WOW.MORE.DON'T.STOP.WHEW' moments. It's just oh so good!

After my shower, I made sure to stay put in my room. I knew what Chanel wanted. She was young and na├»ve, so she didn’t care about how her father felt. When she wanted something, she wanted it. No questions. No debates and if there ever was a debate, she would win it.

Sighing, I laid down in bed, exhausted from the long day. I’d had two cups of scotch swimming in my veins that I was sure was going to lull me to sleep soon.
Before I could shut my eyes, I heard the door open and then click shut. I frowned, picking up my head, looking toward it. I saw her thin silhouette from where I laid. 
She had on a silky white nightgown that showed way too much cleavage. Her skin was milky from the moonlight spilling through the curtains. Her hair was damp and curly, most likely from a shower.
She looked so sexy.
Fresh and ready to devour.
Seeing her like that sent all of my morals flying out the door she’d just walked through.

Shanora Williams is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who loves writing about flawed heroes and resilient heroines. She is a believer that love outweighs all, but doesn't have a problem making her characters fight for their happily ever after.
She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the mother of two amazing boys, has a fiercely devoted and supportive man, and is a sister to eleven.
When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family, binge reading, or running marathons on Netflix while scarfing down chocolate chip cookies.


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