New Release with Review: The Final Fight by J.B Salsbury

October 25, 2017

When life brings you the perfect person at the worst possible time…

On a weekend visit to Las Vegas to visit his brother, Marine Braeden Daniels meets a woman who challenges him in ways he can’t deny. The best part is she wants what he wants.

No strings. No feelings. Just fun.

AJ is a Las Vegas performer who is finally living her dream. Growing up poor, she’s determined to succeed at any cost. No one will stand in her way—not even a hot Marine who breezes into her life all confidence and a cocky smile.

A few stolen weekends and neither can deny the feelings quickly growing between them. But the obstacles that keep them apart become more devastating when the Marine Corps calls Braeden away for a six-month deployment.

It’s only six months.

What could possibly happen?

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve read a book from the fighting series I’m seriously smacking myself right now because I forgot just how good they were! I feel like I need to go back and savor every last word from the previous books that I did read and hold on just a little bit longer because this really was the Final Fight. 

If you’re familiar with the past characters then you know that Braedan Daniels is the younger brother of Blake Daniels who’s now a former UFL Fighter. Well he’s making his own mark now by stepping away from the required family tradition and decides to become a marine. Doing the right thing has never been the problem for this Marine but one look at the brown eyed beauty, and he’s breaking all the rules of wanting something more. 

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“ I don’t need promises. I only want to live in this moment with you, whatever that means and not think about tomorrow or a week or a year from now”. 

Becoming a well established performer in Las Vegas isn’t easy but for someone like AJ, having an opportunity to do so is the only thing she cares about. When she meets Braedan at the casino, AJ knows that this Marine is going to make her feel things she’s never felt before and when her number one goal is to be successful, that kind of distraction can be dangerous. 

I don’t want to give the entire story away so this review is going to be short and very vague. What I will say is that I loved seeing Breeden and AJ’s interactions with each other. These two were the complete opposite of each other in certain things but when they together, it felt so natural and complete. I also loved that we got to see more of Blake and his family because I missed them and it was good to catch up. 

If you’re new to this series or you’ve just read a few books before, then you’re going to love the final chapter in this epic fighting Saga. 


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