Review: Little Dancer by Brianna Hale

August 18, 2017

Little Dancer 

By Brianna Hale 

Twenty-year-old dancer Abby Williams has only ever felt truly herself while she's onstage. It's the one place she gets the firm direction and focused attention she craves to keep her whimsical thoughts in order. Offstage she feels out of place, forced to give up her girlish treasures and bombarded at every turn with adult responsibilities. But one missed dance cue in front of the intimidating theater director could take all this away. 
Summoned to Rufus Kingsolver's office, Abby is terrified the darkly handsome, commanding man is about to end her dream. But Rufus has other ideas. He wants to be her Dom. He wants her to call him Daddy. 
Abby is shocked, but the spark of curiosity and taboo desire have her wanting more. Under Rufus's firm hand, they explore the erotic depths of their unconventional, yet beautiful, relationship. Abby is falling deeper in love with Rufus and the Little/Dom lifestyle, but it's not long before she comes face-to-face with her darkest fear—judgment from the outside world. 
Daddy knows best, but what if, this once, he can't protect her?  
This book is approximately 40,000 words 
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 Little Dancer by Brianna Hale popped my DDlg cherry, and it was everything I hoped it would be! Before now, I honestly had no interest in reading a romance with this type of kink, because it’s just not something I particularly find appealing. I’m down for bdsm romance any day, but it’s the “daddy” part that turns me off. That being said, I am a curious person by nature. I wanted to see if reading this book might show me something about this particular kink that I didn’t already know or help me understand the appeal of it to others. I’m nothing if not open-minded!

It didn’t take me long to realize that I had chosen the perfect book for my introduction into the DDlg lifestyle. The heroine, Abby Williams, is a professional dancer that has no idea she is anything other than vanilla. What she does know is that things that other people leave behind in childhood still bring her comfort. She wants to sleep with her stuffed animals and color for fun which are things that the parents she lives with don’t understand. They don’t approve of her chosen profession either despite the fact that she is talented. Abby goes about her days just trying to live her dream and hopes that one day they will be proud of her.

The owner of the theater where she works, Rufus Kingsolver, makes Abby realize that she likes a bit of discipline when he bends her over and spanks her ass in his office. The fact that she was dripping wet when he was done was a surprise to her, but not to him. He saw what she needed, and he gave it to her. Slowly, he starts inducting Abby into a lifestyle she never knew existed, one where women like her are called littles and men like Rufus are called daddy. A whole new world is opened up to her, and she has never felt more understood or at peace with who she is. Everything seems to finally make sense, and she has a renewed sense of self-confidence ....that is until something happens that makes her question everything.

Little Dancer is as entertaining as it is informative. Not only did it capture my attention and keep it, but it taught me a few things, too. It felt kind of like it was DDlg for beginners. The story explained a lot about the lifestyle itself, why it might appeal to some people, the way those individuals might struggle to understand their urges or desires in the beginning, and what it might feel like for them to not be understood or accepted by the people they care about.

This is my first time reading Brianna Hale's writing, and I will definitely be reading more of her work in the future. Her writing style is engaging, she made me feel for the characters, and the romance between Abby and Rufus was sweet and steamy. If you are on the fence about reading this type of book for the reasons that I was, or you are just interested in learning more about the DDlg lifestyle, I highly recommend this book to you! If you already love these types of stories, I wouldn't hesitate to one-click this one!

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Brianna Hale couldn’t live without her notebook and an assortment of glitter pens, and when she’s not writing she can usually be found with a book, fighting video game monsters and aliens or attending the theatre. She believes that pink and empowerment aren’t mutually exclusive, and everyday adventures are possible. Brianna lives in London.

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