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August 1, 2017


Enrage, an all-new sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller Rachel Van Dyken is available NOW!!

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Enrage, an all-new sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller Rachel Van Dyken is available NOW!!

Enrage by Rachel Van Dyken
Release Date: July 31st
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Enrage is the next standalone in the international best selling mafia series, Eagle Elite.

Part of a world I loathe.
Part of a family who hates me more than I hate myself.
Living with a girl who reminds me of my darkness.
I'm. In. Hell.
Also known as the Cosa Nostra.
My life was over the minute I stepped off that plane.
Son to a murdered mob boss.
Heir to a throne of murder and lies.
My name is Dante Nicolasi.
And there will be blood.

Blood In. No Out. 
Wow! Enrage left me speechless, it fed my hungry soul yet I'm craving for more. I inhaled it like it was my last breath, I devoured it like it was my last meal, I drank all of it to quench my thirst yet I needed more. I am contented. I am satisfied yet I could not get it out of my system. It's still in my heart and mind. Hell, it's even in my soul and regardless of how many times I reread the book, I was still stunned, surprised, in awe and above all I still felt it all like the first time. The pain, the heart break, the angst, the happy moments, the Family, I have embraced it all and in the end just like any other RVD works, Enrage rocked my world.

Rachel Van Dyken's Eagle Elite Series owned me the moment I read the first book. It's my guilty pleasure and if you wanna ask me books I never get tired of rereading, it's always this series. Way back, I don't have no inkling why. It wasn't even a question. Why would you even question something you enjoyed reading over and over right? I read because it's my passion, whether other people love it or not, what's important was the fact that I enjoyed it and I loved it. However, over the years I realized without meaning to, I keep on coming back for more of this series not just the words of RVD, it wasn't even just the characters. But what made me kept on coming back for more was how RVD captured everything that made me connected to this series and the totality of it that in the end made an impact of my wholebeing. It wasn't just reading because it's my passion anymore, more like, I am reading because it's part of my life.

Enrage was no exception. I love it and just any other books of this series, it became a part of me. I was sucked right the from the very first page and I did not put it down until I finished it. It was soooo good and page after after page surprised me to no end. Dante and El's characters are easy to connect with.They were a true definition of opposites attract. Boy, how they're so different from each other but fitted just perfectly, complementing each other. Their chemistry and their individuality made me root for them even more. Cheering them on while always on the edge anticipating on the next scene. It was mind numbing and body cringing. The suspense was killing me and lies after lies, betrayal and revelations shocked the hell out of me. Their journey wasn't rainbows and unicorns, it wasn't a sugarcoated HEA but a messy life portrayed and resolved with class. It was just wow! It was rollercoaster ride and I did not expect the weight of what was thrown at them. I did not expect how I was affected of it all. 

But you know what I love more about this book? Even with all the adrenaline rushing scenes, RVD managed to sprinkle lightness in the dark that made me chuckle and laugh out loud and love the characters even more. She managed to wake up my perverted soul because she coated it with scenes so hot but not in erotic way, just enough to awaken me. She warmed my heart with Dante and El. I swooned and fell in love with them. But above all, the plot twist crushed me. I did not expect it at all. My heart was wrenched and was shattered to bits of pieces. I sobbed my heart out. I pained for them. I pained for a man and woman who love each other deeply. I literally couldn't stop crying until the wee hours because I was hurt so deep as if my heart was struck with a knife and twisted it. It was bleeding yet at the end of the day, I could not help but think, there's always rainbow after the rain. 

Overall, I will really recommend this book. It was incredibly written. My review was vague because I want you to read and find out yourself how amazing this book is. It's better read blind and I know you will thank me later. You will understand my ramblings and you will feel what I felt right now. It's EPIC and honestly I could read this book over and over and will not get bored. It was well thought, it's excellently portrayed and delivered. It dererves more than my 5 stars!

To RVD, awesome delivery as always! You have no idea how happy you made my heart today. Sobbing mess included.


Dante slammed his hand into the tree, his jaw popped as he gritted his teeth together and then calm washed over him as he whispered near my ear, “Want me to kill him?”
A few people walked by and stared at us, it looked like he was kissing my neck, like we were normal college students sharing a moment.
Nope. Wrong story, kiddos.
He just offered to kill someone for offending me, run along, nothing to see here.
“After,” I said. “Kill him after he stops being useful to you, to the bosses.” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth, what I was agreeing to. “Yes.”
Dante pulled back, his face broke out into a smile. “How messed up is it that I’m actually looking forward to that moment?”
I gulped. “It’s in your blood.”
“I wish it wasn’t,” he said gruffly. “I wish I didn’t crave it — dream about it — almost as much as I wish I didn’t feel guilt every day because of it.”
I sighed and put my hands on his chest, then ran them up around his neck, he didn’t move, or flinch, so maybe we were having a moment as our mouths almost touched. “The only shame in life, is not being who you were truly born to be. If that means you kill the bad guys — kill the bad, guys Dante. Just don’t lose your soul in the process.”
“And if it’s already gone?” He croaked his eyes darkening as he slowly leaned in until his forehead touched mine.
Days ago I would have been terrified that his body was this close.
Days ago, I would have shoved him away and run.
Days ago, I would have shuddered that his bloodstained hands were running up and down my skin.
But today.
Today was different.
Today I closed my eyes and drank in the wicked scent of Dante Nicolasi, the cologne mixed with soap. I inhaled.
And opened my eyes again.
Yesterday I was angry. I was afraid.
Today. Against the tree.
Pinned by Dante’s arms.
I was safe.
“I’ll help you find it,” I whispered.
“Just don’t damn yourself in the process, El.” He cupped my face with his right hand, his eyes fell to my mouth, his half-lidded seductive look could stop a girl dead in her tracks.
The wives always talked about how attractive his father was, even at an older age.
Almost like he’d aged backward.
Dante was no different.
If it was possible for a human to get more attractive by the day — he’d be the one to prove you right.
“Are you going to kiss me again?” I asked hopefully.
“No.” He pulled away.
My heart sank into my stomach.
“Because I don’t want to start something I have no intention of stopping.”
My head jerked, our eyes locked, and I saw it. The honesty.
“Told you I’d never lie to you, El.” His voice had a warning edge to it, like I shouldn’t push him, push whatever invisible boundaries he’d mentally set up between us. His eyes never left mine.
And I knew, this was what he looked like when he was telling the truth.
His eyes pierced through my defenses in an unapologetic search for my heart, my soul.
And I let them.
“We should get to class.” I finally found my voice and started walking, he fell into step beside me.
And I spent the rest of the day thinking about the non-kiss.
And the promise that came with it.

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