Release: Breathe With Me by Michelle B.

August 29, 2017

Breathe With Me
By Michelle B.


What happens when you grow up with your soulmate and become as close as two people can become?

Then, tragedy strikes, and you desperately fight yourself trying to hang on to what you have with him, but ultimately, push him away because of the pain and fear.

Time passes.

The pain you felt subsides, laying dormant.

You can finally wake with the sunrise with a smile on your face, only to have it ripped away from you again when you’re abducted and held prisoner by a sadistic human being.

Only to be released and promised he’d come back for me…

My given name is Sofia Rose Heart and I am the headstrong daughter of an organized crime boss.

But, I am also known as Beautiful, by my best friend and my soul mate, Caelan O’Reily. He is my strength, courage, heart, childhood memories, and even the breath that I breathe at times to keep me alive. It is his breath that steadies my pulse. From the moment he moved next door to my family, he became my protector.   

My name is Caelan O’Reily. What would you do when you are trying, so desperately, to hold onto the woman you love, but she keeps pushing you away? You fight, that’s what you do. I have loved my beautiful girl since we were kids. I have waited years for her to acknowledge our love, and for a short glimmer of time, I thought she had. I’m done waiting.

She’s my girl.

She always has been.

She always will be.

I’m her protector and her air when she needs it.

“Love” cannot describe the feelings that I have for her. In fact, there are no words to describe it at all.

She’s my life.

I will kill to keep her safe.

I’m the man that watches her every move. She has turned my life upside down. What once was a pure love has now become my obsession. I’m the man she is meant to be with. The man she cannot hide from.

I love her.

I need her.

I will kill to have her.

Book Two is finished and will be released late October 2017.

Book Three is currently being written and will be released in January 2018.

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