New Release with Review: Before I ever Met you by Karina Halle

April 25, 2017

I first met William McAlister when I was just a teenager. He was handsome, had a beautiful wife and was on the verge of success, having just joined my father as his business partner. Mr. McAlister was full of smooth charm, but back then he was barely a blip on my radar. Just a family friend. Fast forward ten years: I’m 25 years old and a single mom trying to make things right for her seven-year old son. I’ve made some mistakes, grappled with my demons and now I’m back in the city of Vancouver, getting a second chance at a better life. I’ve started by working for my father’s production company as an executive assistant. My first day on the job and I already know I could have a promising career there. That is until I see Will McAlister for the first time in a decade. Now recently divorced and as sophisticated as always, Will has gone from being my father’s friend and business partner to something so much more. We’re both older, for one thing, and he just oozes this worldly confidence and stark sexuality. Combined with his tall, muscular build and sharp suits, strong jaw and bedroom eyes, Will has turned into one hell of a distraction. A distraction I’m having a hard time staying away from, considering his office is right across from my desk and I work with him in such close proximity. But it’s just a harmless crush, right? It’s just an innocent fantasy of screwing him on his desk, right? It can’t ever be more because he’s my father’s best friend, business partner, and my boss.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 “I’m all In” Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Whenever I read a Karina Halle book, I become somewhat jealous of her characters. I don’t know what it is, but this author has always managed to make me wish I was one of her characters living in a different place. Her ability to suck you right in and never let you go until you’ve read the final word is what I love about Karina and this story was no different. Add in a hot older man who’s your boss, and I practically lost all my damn brain cells! 

It’s been a rough seven years for Jackie Phillips. Having gone through her own traumatic experience that has left her in a not so good place, she’s now starting a new life with her son. That new life also includes includes moving back in with her estranged parents and working for her father’s company. With a new job, things are finally starting to feel ok again and Jackie is determined to prove that she’s not a complete train wreck. Working with her new boss one on one? That’s going to be extremely difficult seeing as though he looks like he just steeped out of a magazine ad. But you know what they say about temptation. They don’t call it a b*** for nothing. 

Will McAlister has had his heartbroken in the worse possible way. Now divorced, he’s made the decision to move from L.A to Vancouver to start over and run his company with his business partner. Knowing that he has a new assistant, Will is looking forward to showing his friend’s daughter the ropes. But imagine his surprise when he sees that Jackie is no longer the starry eyed innocent teenager but a VERY grown up woman that can bring him to his knees. 

How long before until their sexual tension combust? 

Will Jackie and Will risk it all for something more?

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Even though I adored this story, I have to say that my absolute favorite thing about this was Will. That man stole the show for me! He was sweet, caring, and very straightforward. He knew exactly what he wanted and he didn’t waste any time playing games and he didn’t try to deflect how he was feeling in a moment of truth. I loved that about him and it was so refreshing to see a male hero being portrayed in that kind of light. As for Jackie, I admired her strength and her selfless love when it came to her son because no matter what she was going through, she always put him first and that’s how it should be. 

Now can we talk about the steamy scenes?! I’m pretty sure someone got pregnant in the office multiple times! These two definitely had some off the charts chemistry but they also cared about each other on a deeper level and it showed through every action that they did.

“I can be good for you. Let me good for you. 

My only flaw about this story was that I was expecting a bit more angst and more of a forbidden aspect to it but that didn’t happen. Did that stop me from still enjoying it? HELL NO. And it shouldn’t stop you either. If you love a sweet romance with a hero that’s going to make you swoon, this one is for you. 

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Karina Halle is a former travel writer and music journalist and The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of The Pact, Love, in English, The Artists Trilogy, Dirty Angels and over 20 other wild and romantic reads. She lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia with her husband and her rescue pup, where she drinks a lot of wine, hikes a lot of trails and devours a lot of books.
Halle is represented by the Waxman Leavell Agency and is both self-published and published by Simon & Schuster and Hachette in North America and in the UK.
Hit her up on Instagram at @authorHalle, on Twitter at @MetalBlonde and onFacebook. You can also  sign up for the newsletter for news, excerpts, previews, private book signing sales and more.

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