"Impossible Liaison" by Anne Ashby

April 5, 2017

We are very excited to share to you Anne Ashby's latest release, Impossible Liaison!!!!

The story touches on family relationships with a hint of genealogy thrown in. Each of the characters’ childhoods has tainted their personalities and it isn’t until they manage to unravel each others backgrounds that they can accept each other and find their happy ever after. - Anne Ashby

Zoe’s learned to hide her feelings. An unhappy upbringing taught her all about trust and relying on others. Her aloneness is ended when she miraculously finds a loving grandmother anxious to share Zoe with extended family. Unnerved, Zoe begs they temporarily keep their relationship secret. Dr. Connor Matthews returns home disheartened by the carnage he witnessed during years of charity work overseas. Discovering a scheming housemate hoodwinking the old lady (Bess) he’s come to love helps him set aside his disillusionment. He concentrates on ridding Bess of this unsavory character. Zoe digs in her toes. She provokes the insufferable Connor, taunting that she’ll leave only when Bess asks. Connor vows to oust her as more reasons to suspect Zoe’s honesty surface. The issue becomes clouded as Connor and Zoe grow closer. Too soon Connor realizes it was not Bess who needed protecting, but himself.

Anne writes contemporary sweet/sensual romance and usually sets her stories in New Zealand, sharing the love of her homeland through the characters she creates. Real, believable issues from today's society make her stories 'warm, fuzzy and fun' to read. Along with reading and writing, she's into genealogy, watching sport particularly rugby, and is actively involved in New Zealand Navy's Women's Association having enjoyed many years of service in the Navy. She loves to travel and has lived in Singapore and Maryland USA but still hopes to see much more of the world. A recent cruise to South America has whetted her desire to see more of that continent.

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