Book Review : Catch Me (The Donovan Family Book 9) by Margaret Watson

April 11, 2017

Blurb :
When Chicago Bearcats baseball player Sam Marini witnesses a brutal confrontation outside a bar, he can’t help the victim. So he does the next best thing – shoots a video of the attack.
He assumes he’ll hand it over and be done with the case. But when the investigating detective is Julia Carleton, a woman he’d met at his sister’s wedding, he can’t walk away. Julia, however, hides dark secrets, and can’t get involved with Sam.
As they work together to ensure justice, their simmering attraction heats to combustion. But the father of the attacker is a wealthy, powerful man who doesn’t like to lose. When Dean Kirby grows more and more desperate to protect his son, the threats against Sam and Julia escalate.
Julia vows to protect Sam, but can she keep her heart safe? Choosing him means risking the job that means everything to her.
Baseball Hottie meets Strong, Brilliant Detective for the second time around! Isn't it Lust stronger the second time around? What if lust turns into something more even if it means risking not just the job but the safety of the heart too?
Squeee!!! Another great addition to the The Donovan Family Book Series!!! Catch Me had me hooked the moment I started reading the book. Mind you, it's a long ass fucking book but it had me turning the pages and never got bored at all. Sam Marini and Julia Carleton are the kind of characters you wanted to root from beginning until the end because they don't just have an undeniable chemistry but they are just portrayed rather well and it's so hard not to fall in love with them. What's more? Margaret Watson, writes the most relatable and believable story. I was engrossed!

First few pages and I know I was in for a great treat from Margaret. With that blurb which pretty sums up the story, this author really had the ability to catch my interest in the book so there's really no denying I binge read it. It was a wonderful experience reading Sam and Julia's journey. Sam, who witnessed a murder, trying to help the victim ensuring justice. Turned out the detective he's gonna work with was Julia. The woman, not a long time ago had been invading his mind over that kiss they shared at his sister's wedding. The woman scared to be attached to someone well known, afraid might judge her over her darkest secrets.

One scorching kiss to months of no connection to solving a murder together... 
Now you get the idea.

I love this book. There I said it. The balance of romance and suspense is on point. No unnecessary drama instead a straight forward tackling of events and issues. It was written well, touching all the bases and making sure the readers will not get bored but instead will enjoy every moment. And I did. The moment I met Sam and Julia, I rooted for their character. The chemistry is there, the sexual tension is not absent either but I like the slow burn style of writing Margaret did to these characters. With the incorporation of working together to ensure justice for the murder Sam witnessed, all hell break loose. Indeed, the right words were ''simmering attraction heats to combustion". There is a strong yet passionate connection between the leads and boy how I love when they crack together. It was BOOM!

Overall, this book is a a great read. Light hearted although it tackled a murder issue. It may have a drama concerning to lust which turned into love, but I love that the author portrayed the characters to handle it well. It may be long, but what's good about it is everything written is necessary for the book. It was not rushed instead written well enough for you to savor, connect the dots and relate to the story. Reading this turned me from smiling so wide, swooning, to wanting to strangle someone, going back to swooning again and falling in love. And oh, the bond of a family captured in this story got me too. Again, as I said, romance and suspense wise it's balanced well. Crafted wonderfully that you'll get to enjoy and appreciate Sam and Julia's journey. Great job, Margaret!

Margaret Watson is a two-time RITA Finalist with thirty books in print for  Harlequin and Silhouette and many other award-winning romantic suspense novels.  When not writing, Margaret practices veterinary medicine in the Chicago area.

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