Release: Love, Passion and Power: Part 1 by Whitley Cox

January 29, 2017

Love, Passion and Power: Part 1
The Dark and Damaged Hearts Series: Book 1
Whitley Cox
Genre: Contemporary Erotic R Romance
Release Day: January 29, 2017


He was her new beginning; she was his undoing...

When personal trainer Kendra Black saw millionaire Justin Williams walk through her door all she saw was money and a practiced swagger. A man who's used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But Kendra is startled to realize that there is more to Justin than meets the eye, he’s kind and funny and brilliant, and she wants him, desperately. Unable to resist Kendra or her fiery spirit and zest for life, right from the start, Justin pursues her, only her troubled childhood holds her back. She’s been running from love for so long, she doesn’t know how to stop and let it catch up.

Elated when Kendra finally gives into their attraction, Justin jumps in with both feet, only his hectic and demanding life continues to interfere, and Kendra’s past comes creeping back and the two are tested. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionate and physical adventure, Justin discovers Kendra’s secrets and fears while exploring and uncovering his own wild and dark desires.


I stood up from the couch and he followed suit, our bodies were mere inches apart, chests heaving. Was he as winded by all of this as me? My throat felt like a cactus and my lips were dry, I swallowed hard, feeling the invisible lump bob up and down. His eyes were fixed on mine, intense, blazing blue hinting at the predator within, but somehow that made me want him even more. Subconsciously, I ran my tongue between my lips to moisten them, it wasn’t until I saw his eyes flare that I realized what I was doing.
He lunged forward and cupped my cheeks between his warm hands, capturing my mouth, crushing my lips with all-consuming dominance, while his tongue seductively wedged its way into my mouth and began making gentle and inviting licks, deepening the kiss. His lips melted into mine as if they were meant to be, light and playful nips and nibbles intensified my arousal. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He dipped me low and cupped the back of my neck, and it wasn’t until I felt his excitement press against my hip that I realized I didn’t feel any fear only a steadily increasing feeling of lust and wanton need.
My eyes flew open and I stared at him, his own lids were closed, his brow slightly furrowed in concentration. It was adorable. He must have sensed a change in me because he opened his eyes and although our lips never parted he quirked up an eyebrow to ask me if everything was all right. Breathlessly I pulled away, straightening my dress and mindlessly adjusting my hair.
“What… what’s wrong?” His cheeks rosy and eyes bright.
“I… I’m not afraid.” Still surprised by my own body’s reaction.
He scrunched up his nose and forehead in confusion. “Why should you be? I’d never hurt you.”
“I know. I know that,” I said, hoping to god that he meant it.

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A West Coast baby born and raised, and married to her high school sweetheart, with a spirited toddler and a fluffy dog, Whitley spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn't end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes and it's not quite wine o'clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.
A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role playing, these books have everything we need to satisfy the curious kink in all of us.

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