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January 16, 2017


Cover Design : L.J. Anderson / Mayhem Designs
Model: Kamil Nizinski
Release Date: January 16, 2017
Ten Steps to Surviving a New Job:

1. Don’t sleep with the client. It’ll get you fired. (Sounds easy enough.)

2. Don’t blink when new client turns out to be former one-night stand.

3. Don’t call same client a jerk for never texting you back.

4. Don’t believe client when he says he really, really wanted to call.

5. Remember, the client is always right—so you can’t junk punch him when he demands new design after new design.

6. Ignore accelerated heartbeat every time sexy client walks into room.

7. Definitely ignore client’s large hands. They just mean he wears big gloves.

8. Don’t let client’s charm wear you down. Be strong.

9. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the client. You’ll lose more than your job—maybe even your heart.

10. If all else fails, see rule number one again.

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The Rule Maker is the second book in The Rule Breakers series by Jennifer Blackwood. If you are like me and haven’t read the first book, don’t worry. This can be read as a standalone without feeling like you are missing anything important. 

What if one day you walked into work and found out that an important client you were assigned to handle was a previous one night stand that blew your mind and then disappeared? I would be freaking the hell out, and that’s what Zoey does when she finds out her ex-fling, Ryder, is her new client.

Ryder is a professional snowboarder that spends his life traveling all around the world. He has a rule that he never goes on a date or sleeps with a girl more than once. His lifestyle just won’t allow for any serious relationships or distractions. That was never really a problem for him, because he never wanted more than one night with a woman…until Zoey. 

 Jason, Ryder’s brother, was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident and is not yet ready to return to work. He asks Ryder, whose recent leg injury will keep him at home for a while, to go meet with the designer of the resort he purchased in his absence. When Ryder gets there he finds Zoey stuck hanging out of a window with her underwear in full view. Zoey is obviously both mortified and horrified that he is the person that found her in such an embarrassing situation and that he is there instead of his brother. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, a snow storm traps them alone together in the lodge overnight.

 At first, Zoey vows to stay far away from Ryder, but when he offers her some much needed food, she decides that maybe it wouldn’t be such a terrible idea to keep him company just for tonight. After an unexpected kiss, she excuses herself back to her room and leaves first thing in the morning without a word to Ryder. 

Upon returning to work, Zoey finds out that she will be working with Ryder instead of his brother on the entire project. She decides then and there that she will do everything in her power to keep things strictly professional between the two of them. So what if he is funny, sexy, and great in bed? He was also the jerk that slept with her, and never bothered to call her again. It should be a piece of cake, right?

  This was an enjoyable read for me, but my favorite thing about it had to be the characters. Zoey is smart and sassy, and Ryder is sarcastic and fun. Sparks fly and sexual tension abounds whenever these two are together. I enjoyed their playful banter, and the way they made each other crazy. Ryder was probably my favorite of the two though. The scene with Ryder and Jason riding on the sled completely melted me into a puddle on the floor. It would be hard for anyone not to swoon over Ryder. He listens to the audiobook of a romance novel he hears Zoey reading just because it’s something that interests her. Need I say more?

The Rule Maker is a light-hearted, witty romance that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The story is funny and heartwarming, the characters are endearing, and the writing is engaging. If you are looking for a fluffy romantic comedy, this one is for you!
About the Author
Jennifer Blackwood is an English teacher and contemporary romance author. She lives in Oregon with her husband, son, and poorly behaved black lab puppy. When she isn't writing or teaching, she's binging on Veronica Mars episodes and white cheddar popcorn.
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