January 19, 2017

Loving Ruby By Roya Carmen
Release Date- 19th January, 2017
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A sinful boss secretary romance.

I’ve heard all the rumours: He killed his wife. He’s on house arrest. He’s a vampire. Yet still, when I get a job offer from the reclusive Mr. Hyde, I jump at the chance. Yes, I know I’m crazy.

I’m cautious at first, but then I discover a beautiful, quirky man. I also see a tortured soul who lives in darkness. I know I should run, yet I can’t tear myself away. I want to discover all his secrets. I desperately want to help him. And when he draws me deeper into his strange little world, I want to stay.

Author’s Note: Loving Ruby contains explicit sexual scenes and some coarse language. It is Book 2 of The Riverstone series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. If one wants to read the entire series, it is best to read them in chronological order to avoid spoilers.

“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Loving Ruby is the second book of Riverstone Series and to be honest, I was really loking forward to read this book especially knowing it's about the reclusive Mr. Hyde and the carefree Ruby. I was so intrigued with him that I was jumping with glee when he's paired up with Ruby. Such a perfect pair. A reclusive hero, rumored as a widow and on a house arrest, suspected for his late wife's murder. Funny, it has been speculated he's a vampire but God, nobody gossiped how breathtakingly beautiful he is. A man behind his dark erotica novels. So intense but behind that lies a soft heart and a sweet soul. Entered Ruby, a passionate woman, sweet kind and a rebel in her own ways. She loves people and even thrives for their company. These two are just the opposites of the opposites, where Mr.Hyde is a shattered man, resigned to a world of darkness, Ruby is such a bright, vibrant woman. However, as science puts it, Opposites attract. And so yes their attraction is really something you need to look forward to. Ahhh... I was really rooting for this two. 

I admit, those first few pages really had me. I love Roya's words because let's be honest here, she's really has a way with prose. In fact, her storyline is beautiful and it's something that would really piqued someone's interest. Mine included of course. So as I mentioned, the first few pages hooked me. I was astounded with the author's way of thinking.I was reading with my mind and heart racing. Racing because I was anticipating what's bound to happen. I keep on turning the pages even because I was eager to know the deepest darkest secrets of Mr.Hyde and how will Ruby gonna act on it. So many questions lingered on my mind. And I was on the edge because of how thick the sexual tension between these two. I was soooo anticipating the intensity of their interaction and the explosion that I was looking forward to happen. It's how I was teasesd by the author reading this book, that's why I was kinda devastated because I did not felt that explosion and the intensity of the interaction. Nearing around 60-70% the fire burning waned. The scenes turned out dragging and I feel like the end was even a bit rushed. 

Don't get me wrong, as I said the storyline is beautiful but then at some point it really had me feel stagnant. The passion I was looking was gone in an instant. It felt hot and cold at some point even. Yes, erotic scenes were there, but it lacks the connection and the intensity I felt at the start and even halfway of the story. I felt conflicted. But then, I could be wrong, maybe I set too much expectation and it's just how Roya Carmen wanted to portray the characters interaction and the characters itself. 

But then, to sum up it was really a good story of a broken man who thought he'll be forever in the darkness, shattered, broken. And how a vibrant woman lead him, trusted him, believed him and even shed light in him. And one more thing, I soooo appreciated the how being "soul mate" was portrayed in this book. That Prologue and that ending made an impact.



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