Release Blitz: Dead in the Water by Britney King

January 17, 2017

Title: Dead in the Water
Series: Water Trilogy #2
Author: Britney King
Release Date: Jan 17, 2017
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A Gripping Romantic Suspense Thriller

He’s a contract killer. She likes to even the score. Smack dab in the middle of suburbia, few married couples are as competitive as Jude and Kate.

But then, most married couples don't keep score in the form of body counts. Each hell-bent on a silent pact to out-do the other, the games begin.

Who ends up on top is anyone’s guess. But with these two, one thing’s for sure— not everyone comes out alive.

After all, there are a few things they can agree on: All is fair in love and war. And if they can’t make it work— they’re dead in the water.

Marriage is hard work. It’s even harder when your husband has to go out of town to murder people all the time. Spending so much time apart can wreak havoc on even the most solid of unions. It certainly doesn’t make it any easier when your wife becomes reckless with her kills, and you have to burn down a whole building to get rid of all the evidence so she won’t wind up behind bars. Stress is one of the biggest culprits of marital discord after all. It certainly doesn’t help matters, when you forget to tell your partner that you put a decomposing body in the trunk of the car again. Communication is so important. You know how it is though, right? All married couples hit a few bumps in the road at some point in their marriage.

In Dead in the Water, book two in The Water Trilogy by Britney King, Jude and Kate are living in suburbia desperately trying to blend in and appear to be a “normal” family. Kate wants her kids to have the kind of life she never did, and she thinks this is the way to do it. Jude, however, isn’t as convinced that this is the way to go. He thinks that bringing more people into their life is asking for trouble. Why? Jude and Kate aren’t your typical married couple. They are two killers that think they’re doing the world a favor by murdering “bad” people. Jude is a contract killer, but Kate kills because she loves it. Either way, they both have a lot to hide.

Just as Jude suspected, suburban living brings on a whole new set of problems they are not prepared to handle. On top of that, someone begins leaving them threatening messages claiming to know their secret. With all of the stress, the couple’s fighting reaches an all-time high, and Kate’s already delicate mental state begins to deteriorate further. They can’t seem to agree on how to handle any of it, and everything one of them does seems to irritate the other.

Jude and Kate are no strangers to tough times. Usually, when something gets in their way, they eliminate the problem. What happens now when one of the biggest problems they have is each other?

I had a great time reading about this killer couple. The story is told in dual point of view and written in second person. There are flashbacks peppered throughout the novel that show bits and pieces of Jude and Kate’s life up until this point. When I read about any type of criminal or mentally disturbed individual, I love to see the way their mind works and what made them into the people they are today. Telling the story in the way the author chose was the perfect way to do that.

It was interesting to see how the characters lived a life much different life than the average person, but still had a lot of the same struggles, fears, and desires that all married couples do. It allows the reader to connect with the characters on some level. You can understand some of their motivations and feelings even if you can’t understand or don’t agree with what they did as a result.

As strange as it is to say, I liked Jude and Kate for the most part. I didn’t want them to get caught, and I hoped everything worked out well for them in the end. Jude is the voice of “reason”, and he does everything in his power to protect and take care of his family at all times. Kate is completely out of her mind, but she loves her children and her husband with everything she has. She doesn’t take anything lying down, and we see her willing to risk her life for someone else.

Dead in the Water is a delightfully twisted tale. The story is well-paced and intriguing. The characters are complex, and the writing is perfection. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this crazy couple!

“Cheers,” I offer, but it sounds like ‘fuck you,’ which it is, and I hate that we haven’t touched glasses. It’s bad luck, and certainly we don’t need any of that. You don’t seem concerned with luck though, because in two short strides you are standing in front of me, and your eyes are dark. You swallow hard, and this intensity, it kills me. You don’t say anything, and I hate the silence between us. Maybe you’re trying to send a message. Maybe you’re into telepathy; I’m not sure. But I’m not afraid of this side of you, Jude. It’s always been the best part. And so when you push me against the wall, I go willingly. At least at first. Because I know you, and you’ve always enjoyed a bit of a fight.
Britney King writes modern love stories for mature audiences. She also enjoys suspense and often finds her sweet spot penning a good mixture of the two.

Britney is the author of eight novels and is currently at work on number nine.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat and a partridge in a pear tree.

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