New Release Review: The Love of My Next Life by Brit Benson

September 11, 2022

The Love of My Next Life by Brit Benson is LIVE and available for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

I calmed his demons.

He created mine.

Macon Davis.

My best friend’s brother.

My tormentor.

My least favorite person.

Pothead. Delinquent.

A careless, directionless loser.

That’s what I used to believe,

but I didn’t really know him.

And when I finally saw him,

it was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me.

We burned hot and fast.

Passion. Anger. Love. Pain.

We were reckless. Naive.

We were doomed from the start.

When I finally saw Macon Davis for who he was,

We both went down in the flames.


The Love of My Next Life is part one of a duet.

It is just as much a love story as it is a tale of ruin.

While the duet will end with an HEA, book one does not.

Book two is set to release in October 2022.

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I've struggled to read anything for the past two weeks, but Brit Benson broke my streak of bad luck with The Love of My Next Life. It's a childhood enemies to lovers romance which is a particular mash up of tropes I didn't know I needed! It had all the history between the characters that comes along with growing up together, but there's a lot of bullying, anger, jealousy, and hurt mixed in. Swirl that all together with angst, lust, and love, and you get the perfect blend of heartbreaking, frustrating, toxic, messy, beautiful romance.

The relationship between our hero and heroine, Lennon and Macon, is complex and complicated from the start. The emotions they experience from years of intense interactions and feelings are strong, deep, conflicting, gut wrenching and at times, breathtaking. The push and pull between them is enough to drive you crazy, but like Macon requested, I never gave up on them for a second. I believe in their love, and I can't wait to see them find their way through all the bullshit back to each other.

Before I conclude my review, I want to mention the secondary characters, because they had my feelings all over the damn place. I liked some of them in the beginning, and then became disappointed in them or downright couldn't stand them by the end, and I hated some in the beginning that I grew to understand and appreciate in some way by the end. In this story, almost nothing is black and white, and things aren't always as they seem. The characters are multi-faceted individuals, and perspective makes a difference just like in real life.

Bottom line, I can't wait for the other half of the Next Life duet! The inevitable cliffhanger left me wanting more and cursing the author for making me wait to find out what comes next for Lennon and Macon. Whatever it is, I'm here for all the glorious drama that's bound to come with it!

New adult romance fans, this one's for you!

Meet Brit Benson

Brit Benson writes romance novels that are sassy, sexy, and sweet.

When she’s not dreaming up her next swoony book boyfriend and fierce book bestie, she’s reading. 

When she’s not reading, she’s probably marathoning a Netflix series or wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles in Homegoods.

Brit currently resides somewhere near the Blue Ridge Parkway with her husband, daughters, and dogs.

To learn more about Brit and her books, visit here!  

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