Holdin' me Down: My favorite romance authors that I will never stop reading

September 2, 2022

Happy Friday Chatterbabes!! I've never been so happy to say that it's Friday. Between back to school shopping, adjusting to a new schedule and just life in general, this week tested me but we made it!! Now can someone please leave the bottle of wine on the side?  No glasses necessary.

So with the long weekend ahead of us, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite authors that have rarely let me down. These are my ride or die chicks, my auto buy authors, my warm blanket on a chilly fall afternoon type of ladies. You want all the feels? These are you girls. You want a dark romance that will tether you on the edge of something sinful? Then look no further because these women will pull out all the stops. But don't blame me when you have to go back to reality and you realize that you're more sleep deprived with a hangover look and your heart just barely survived the explosions of emotional distress and gratitude. If this is something that you're craving this weekend, then come and take a look with me and see some of my favorite authors and books. 



Marni Mann

This author gives you darkness and light at the same time. There were times when I've picked up one of her books and thought that I was going to get a somewhat light read and then bam! I'm on the floor looking for my jaw and my heart. She covers every basis so whether you're in the mood for sexy romance or dark and emotional, you can't go wrong with her books. 

Aly Martinez

I'm telling you right now, I would give my left tit just to be a fly on the wall in her office. Well known for her incredible duets and heart stopping cliffhangers, this author will have you feeling like you're constantly on the edge. I don't know how she does it but I'm constantly doing a countdown until her next book releases. 

Book One Review
Book Two Review

Jewel E Ann

When it comes to plot twists, do not mess with this woman! She will make you feel  secure and just when you think nothing is going to touch you, she obliterates your safety and leaves you shook! My goodness I get shivers when I see her name now and I know I'm going to need therapy in the future but I will read her freakin grocery list if she publishes it. 

Release Date:09/13/22

Giana Darling

I'm a huge dark romance fan and I love the fact that with this author, she gives it to me in spades!  If I want something dark and messed up, she has it. If I want a no holds barred take charge alpha(daddy Zeus) she's going to give it to you and you'll have no choice but to sit back and indulge in the sexy spine tingling forbidden romance. 

Brittainy C Cherry

The feels!!!!!! I feel like this author knows exactly how to give it to you. There's a slow burn that you feel is going to take forever to build up at times but while we're waiting, she hits you with these poignant and effective words that literally makes you do a quick inhale. You won't see it coming and it's in those moments that you're going to appreciate it even more. 

Well you've now reached the end of my post and I hope that I was able to fill your never ending tbr list just a little bit more. 


  1. I don't think I've read Brittainy C. Cherry before, but the others I can totally agree with. I hope you have an amazing weekend, babe!! xoxo

    1. What?????!!! You've never read anything from Brittainy before? Girl you're seriously missing out lol. Thank you love. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well❤️❤️