Review: U-Turn by Maren Lee

February 5, 2018

By Maren Lee


Ryan Blakesly respected Katie Hamilton’s wishes when she pushed him away. She always characterized their relationship as ‘just a booty call’ and he always thought that he wasn't good enough for her anyway. His Katie deserved the best; and the best wasn't a 40-something-year-old divorced dad of teenagers. But Ryan's spent the last 9 months regretting ever walking away. When he learns she's engaged to marry another man, Ryan needs to make a decision: go after her and ruin his friendship with her older brother, or turn a blind eye and let her go forever.
Katie is engaged to a successful surgeon, but something doesn't quite feel right. When her former booty call barrels his way back into her life, her doubts only grow stronger. When Ryan left, it was for good reason: he's eighteen years her senior and a coworker and friend of her older brother. As if that wasn't enough, Ryan never wants to marry or have children again. Katie knew if she didn’t cut him loose she’d fall in love and end up with a broken heart. But now that he’s back... Will Katie walk away from her fiancé and into Ryan’s arms? Will Ryan get over his insecurities and be the man that Katie needs? Can they compromise in spite of their age difference? When decisions must be made, will love be enough?

WARNING: This book has a high heat index, contains adult themes and a lot of curse words. It is suitable only for 18+

U-Turn is the fourth book in Maren Lee’s Bounty County series. I didn’t realize going into this that there were previous installments, but it can be read as a standalone with no issue. This story focuses on the characters, Ryan and Katie. 

For months, Ryan and Katie kept their sexual relationship a secret from their families and friends until one day Katie decided to call it off. She worried that she would fall in love with Ryan if she wasn’t careful, and she knew he didn’t want to get married again or have any more children. Ryan is nearly twice her age and divorced with two teenagers. He loves Katie, but he thinks she deserves better than him. That’s why when she pushes him away, he lets her. 

Ryan has spent the last year mourning the loss of the woman he loves, but Katie’s moved on with her life. During their time apart, she got engaged to a doctor at the hospital where she works, but lately, she’s beginning to realize more and more that her and her new man have very little in common. When Katie gets a text from Ryan out of the blue that makes her heart hammer in her chest, she begins to wonder if she jumped into this relationship just to try to prove to herself that she was over Ryan. If that’s the case, it’s abundantly clear that she failed.

Katie is going to be married soon, but her heart just isn’t in it. Instead of dreaming of her handsome fiancé, all she can think about is Ryan every second of the day. Ryan doesn’t know that though, so he’s terrified that he’s going to lose Katie forever. He’s determined to show her how much he cares for her one way or another, and one crazy night, he gets the opening he’s been waiting for.

U-Turn is a sexy, second chance romance. The story is entertaining, the sex is dirty as hell, and the characters are endearing. Katie and Ryan are a fun couple to read about. They’re sexually adventurous, playful, and head over heels in love with each other.

Though there was cheating involved in the story, it’s done in such a way that I had no sympathy for Katie’s fiancé whatsoever. Honestly, I can’t really see how anyone would given the circumstances. Katie and Ryan are a perfect match, and I was in their corner the entire time.

There is a large cast of secondary characters involved in this story, and I can tell that if you’ve read the other books, you will enjoy catching up with them. It even made me want to read the rest of the series to find out all of their stories, especially Wesson’s. A man with tight abs, a huge cock, and an adorable personality, be still my beating heart! 

If you're looking for a light, steamy romance with a small town feel, I recommend this one to you!




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