Cover Reveal - Whispers in The Dark by LeTeisha Newton

February 7, 2018

I was captured...That’s just the beginning of my tale. I’ve survived Purgatory, abuse,
and near death. In that abandoned farmhouse I nearly lost everything, but Jacob saved me.
We were trapped in this hell together, giving each other the strength to hold on.
I fell into darkness with my captor’s son.Until I left him behind.She was perfect, my Alana.
Brilliant and full of pain. She understood my darkness and fueled the fire.
When she left, I waited patiently to find her, and in her honor,
I killed men who took away from innocents.
Then I found her...She’s deadly now, a killer too, and perfectly mine.
It was beautiful to behold, but she belongs in a cage.
My cage.
She’ll love me again, or I’ll expose her dirty secrets for the world to see
while going down in flames with her. In darkness, it’s most definitely till death do us part.

Warning: This book is full of triggers. It’s wicked dark, with created evil falling in love.
People die. They are hurt horribly. The bad guys get away, and there is no apology
for it. Hardcore trigger within these pages.

Writing professionally since 2008, LeTeisha Newton’s love of romance novels began
long before it should have. After spending years sneaking reads from her grandmother’s
stash, she finally decided to pen her own tales. As many will do during their youth,
she bounced from fantasy, urban literature, mainstream, interracial, paranormal, heterosexual,
and LGBT works until she finally rested in contemporary romance.
LeTeisha is all about deep angst and angry heroes who take a bit more loving to
smooth their rough edges. Love comes in many sizes,
shapes, and colors, as well as with—or without—absolute beauty and fairy tale sweetness.
She writes the darker tales because life is hard … but love is harder.

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